Meet Elibriea: the pure Qatar bred concept that comes with 800 horsepower, which has been recently revealed at the Qatar Motor Show. Car's design is work of the young Abdul Wahab Ziaullah and since I'm sure you hear about him for the first time ever, he is a former engineering student at Texas A&M University at Qatar (TAMUQ).

The 27-year old Ziaullah was obviously inspired by the form of Lamborghini Veneno, but we can't judge him for that since it we all love how Lambos look. And they are definitely hype in Qatar. Furthermore, the engineer suggested a carbon fiber monocoque, so that the car could stay lightweight and deliver the best possible engaging driving performance.

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Elibriea EQUVALLAS Concept  Rear View

Although Elibriea stated that the concept is driven by the mid-mounted GM V6 engine, we understood that there is a more powerful version envisioned. The GM V6 produces 525 hp (386 kW), while the better variant has a rear wheel drive and generates 800 hp (588 kW), and will come under the name Equvallas. The horses will be transferred onto the road via six-speed sequential gearbox.

Since details are scarce, we can't say more about this rather interesting project. Except for dimensions and weight, if this helps. The Elibriea is 3.2 meters long, 2.6 meters wide and 1.5 meters high (126x102x59 inches). It weighs around 100 kg, which is 2,200 lb. More to follow soon, as we are interested in how this project develops. Stay tuned!

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Source: Elibriea Automotive