2019-Lexus-Sedan-910Compared to 2018, there was a 12.2% increase in the total Lexus sold in March this year, as recorded in the company's USA sale reports. This increase has been facilitated by the company's logo to pursue perfection without relenting. The new 2019 edition of the RCF coupe has undergone a series of redevelopments that have changed its utility features, the cabin, and even the drive train. A V8 rigid engine with a 5.0-liter output has been engineered with an 8-speed gear transmission to deliver a maximum torque of 520Nm. The advanced electric launch controls automatically operate the engine making the car to accelerate with ease. These new high-tech concepts have been utilized in other Lexus brands.

The Hybrid Power-train

Lexus is a global leader in hybrid technologies. A combination of robust gasoline engines and electric motors makes the vehicle accelerate with ease. The silent electric motors can power cars like the Lexus LC-FC and the UX 250h without using any gasoline. The company has even developed a fuel cell powered by compressed hydrogen, creating alternative fuels for the future, and provide an extended warranty for your Lexus that guarantees special offers, including a 50,000 mile or 2-year bumper warranty accompanied with a 12,000-mile free wheel balancing and alignment. These offers lower the maintenance costs for every customer.

New Aerodynamics

To further increase handling and performance, Lexus has introduced new aerodynamics innovations. These new improvements focus on mainly minimizing wind resistance, resulting in increased agility. The new aerodynamics have been seen in the new Lexus UX hatchback. All the external body panels are made of composite material and aluminum to save weight. The wind resistance of this car is tested in the biggest aerodynamics tunnel in the globe. All the front panels are designed to suppress vertical air flow, hence increasing the stability, especially when cornering. All the wheels have ventilations that allow free air movement, enabling cooling after breaking, stability, and reduction of side-ways turbulence.

The Advanced Suspensions

All Lexus brands are known for their refined, quiet, and smooth ride. The new 7th generation has improved the suspension through an innovative and detailed approach. In the Lexus ES, a shock absorber with a high-tech swing valve has been introduced. This technology has never been tried before in any car. The suspensions will be able to absorb any forces facilitating a comfortable, stable ride on any terrain. These new shock absorbers have an added valve that operates under low-velocity that helps in suppressing the damp external forces. The use of two swing valves in the Lexus ES delivers quality standards by increasing the comfort levels and stability, especially when taking sharp corners.

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The new Lexus brands are adopting new-tech solutions that will revolutionize the auto-world. Imagination and extreme perfection have led this company to produce unsurpassed luxury brands. Their engineering has been focusing on effective aerodynamics, advanced suspensions, and new powered engines. These innovations in Lexus will facilitate driving excellence, bringing excitement in all automobiles from their production line.