Without a doubt, the new Scirocco was one of the big stars at this years "Wörthersee-tour". Even if rather seldom seen on the streets, in the scene the desert wind from Wolfsburg is already fixed soundly. Reason enough for HS Motorsport to launch a Tuning-special- edition in limited quantity called "Remis".

Base is the popular 2,0 TSI engine with serial 200 hp. The pros from Munich add about 90 more hp to it through a SKN-increased performance, an Air-Intake and of course a special exhaust system. By request there is a second alternative of capacity availabel with altogether 320 hp. The special exhaust system does not just look very nice but also sounds very potent and consists of a 70 mm flame pipe, a 200 cpsi-catalytic converter made of  metal (with E approval  mark) as well as a front muffler and a rear muffler. And there are tow 76 mm end pipes.

The Barracuda T6-rims in black matt with the extra broad  Pure-Sports-Ring fit perfectly to the white colour of the Scirocco. All around 9x20 with Vredestein-tires size  245/30 ZR20 and  in combination with a H&R coilover kit they assure an excellent driving behaviour. Hidden behind the rims is a Grand Tourismo brake system from Brembo with one-piece discs an brake callipers extra narrow only available from HS Motorsport. The modification of the body is not spectacular but very harmonic. A complete body kit, consisting of  a front bumper and rear bumper made of  carbon and a side skirt provide a decent sporty appearance. The roof was coated with sheeting in black matt and the VW-logos painted in white.

The interior was fitted with a set of special Recaro Sportster CS seats with an electronic carbon seat heater. The back seats were matched to the Recaro contour. For the special edition the engineers of HS Motorsport outfitted the whole interior with Remis-special leather and white fancy seems.

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