Infiniti today releases the first photographs of its new compact diesel crossover, a dynamic all-wheel driver with the power and torque to take on anything in its class.

The EX30d from Europe's newest luxury automotive brand offers hushed high performance in league with lower CO2 emissions and fuel consumption thanks to a bespoke V6 diesel engine that fulfils every requirement of Infiniti's Inspired Performance creed.

The piezo-injection 3.0-litre V6 delivers 238 PS (235 bhp) with a class-best 550 Nm (406 lb ft) of torque. With standard 7-speed automatic transmission, the EX30d despatches 0-62 mph in just 7.9 seconds. But performance is defined more by the massive torque output, greater even than Infiniti's storming 5.0-litre petrol V8. With the pulling power peaking at just 1750 rpm, the EX30d is as effortless as it is muscular.

The EX has always faced its compact crossover rivals with several natural advantages – dashing coupé looks, dynamic handling, luxury equipment – but now the EX30d can meet them head-on in the fuel consumption and CO2 numbers game. The key figures (yet to be finally homologated) are 33.6 mpg (combined) and 224 g/km.

Infiniti's state of the art V9X V6 features a compacted graphite iron (CGI) block for light weight with outstanding refinement. The diesel's cooling requirements dictated a change to airflow, hence the reprofiled front bumper with extra air intakes. Thankfully it is the only external change for a design hailed as the original coupé crossover as well as the best looking.

The EX30d will be the second model of the Infiniti range to get the new diesel V6 when UK sales begin in the summer, at prices to be announced. It is expected that, throughout Europe, eight out of every 10 EXs will be the new EX30d.

The EX30d will be available in three grades including a new Premium version with all of the class's most wanted features included as standard.

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