Infiniti FX proves that size matters. No, really. This particular model just proves it. You can see it by the ridiculously large wheels. These are 32-inch Autonomo-L rollers and they make difference. Sun, seaside sight and that monstrous vehicle. Let's check out what is happening here.

So, if you thought, that 20-inch wheels are okay, 22 are cool, remember, that there is one guy on this planet, who decided to see what will happen if he added some more 10 or 12 inches. The result says it all. For some this is just ridiculous, but for others it just kicks ass. As you can see, the wheels are applied to a gold-wrapped vehicle, that matches perfectly with the color. So, we have some nice and clean body lines, one-color finish, that together do not bring dynamics at all, but then the wheels come. They completely change the presence of the Infiniti and make it look badass and exclusive. They really make the vehicle far more massive, confident and ready for any terrain. But we all wonder, is it really thatcomfortable to go with this size?

However, with big wheels come and big responsibility. First of all, it is hard to find such big wheels and such big tires to fit them in. Secondly, it must be really hard to drive with wheels like these. But the good news is that the vehicle became distinctive and there is just a small chance for one not to notices it.

The Infiniti really looks interesting. With the golden finish and the 32-inch Autonomo-L wheels it is one of the most interesting-looking vehicles, that we have recently seen. So, what do you think about it? And how big should be the wheels of the Infiniti FX model? In fact, would you apply such big wheels on your car? Tell me with a comment on the section below.

Source: Forgiato