BMW i8 is perhaps one of the most remarkable sports cars around the world. This is not surprising at all because ever since its production last year, the model quickly became the most wanted car on the market.

This time, the car arrives with a markup for $100,000 which was paid by one rather impatient customer in order to receive its machine right away without taxes and fees. The total amount paid for the car is estimated at $247,000. But is this surcharge worth it? I personally don't think so. It is true that the car's exotic look knows no compromises but still... $100,000 for some additionally installed accessories? No, thank you.

The power to the front wheels of the BMW i8 is provided by an electric motor that boosts 131 HP. The rear wheels are powered by a three cylinder 1.5 liter motor generating 231 HP and 236 lb-ft of torque which turns it into the most powerful motor among any other BMW production motor at 154 HP per liter.

As the company's sales and marketing leader Ian Robertson commented some time ago, there is an 18-month waiting list in some markets and it is, in fact, growing.

Source: bmwblog