2012 Italdesign Giugiaro Brivido is designed to offer supercar performance, as well as respect for the environment. In it has been used the most advanced technologies and innovations. Of course the four-seat hybrid prototype has just made its world debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. More importantly it develops a maximum speed of 275 km/h and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h for just 5.8 seconds. The super vehicle was designed and engineered in the Italdesign Giugiaro plant at Moncalieri (Turin).

It seem as the exterior has been designed in such way, which leaves the impression of flow and lightness. Aluminium, carbon fibre, and glass are the materials that define the Brivido's exterior. The body wears Xirallic pearl luster red color. The windscreen, roof, rear window, and large door windows form a glass dome that lets natural light pour into the passenger compartment. In this way the occupants are surrounded by an exclusive level of finish and high technology. Observed from the side, the supercar has a specific single door, which uses glass as a specific structural element. The waistline hugs the curve of the wheel arch and is interrupted by the door's side window, which in turn continues below the waistline to significantly increase the transparent surface. All this results in better visibility for the driver, when maneuvering as they can easily see the pavement to the side car. In addition, this also allows the passengers to enjoy better the outside visibility. Another exceptional part of the exterior are the new LED lights. The headlight clusters are not only functional, but also bring more style to the vehicle. They also act as sidelights and direction indicators. Further innovations that can be seen on the Brivido are the side mirrors or actually their absence. They have been replaced with two cameras, which literally emerge from the body. When the control is activated, the wings concealing the two micro cameras, positioned at the height of the side air intakes, open up 90 degrees and activate the cameras. The camera images are then displayed on monitors built into the steering wheel column. Next, viewed from the front, the car has an aggressive front end. In addition to this the vehicle is equipped with a single carbon fiber panel which is placed on the width of the vehicle. This actually allows the ample air flow to cool the engine and in addition acts as a rear spoiler. On the top of all this, there are the DRL system, the driving lights and the fog lights. The back of the car: the tail end is also made from carbon fiber. There also can be seen the rear lights as well as the rear windscreen which offers access to the titanium fiber covered luggage compartment. Furthermore, the supercar is equipped with a superengine: 3000cc, which offers the whole 360 hp (265 kW).

2012 Italdesign Giugiaro Brivido 2012 Italdesign Giugiaro Brivido

Volkswagen Group Electronics Research Lab (ERL) based in California worked in collaboration with IDG, in order to develop and utilize the interactive electronics and displays for the Brivido. This includes one of a kind docking system, climate and comfort controls accessible through a touchscreen.

And what about the interior of the vehicle: it s technologically equipped, roomy and with ergonomic design and of course offers great level of comfort and luxury. The cockpit The offers a genuine open space where a unique environment encases the front and rear seats and the luggage compartment in a continuous solution, thanks in part to the use of extremely durable and lightweight Titan-Tex® titanium fibre. What is unique here is that the dashboard is symmetrically structured for both driver and passenger. Any key information in addition is displayed on the two LCD monitors mounted inside two binnacles behind the steering wheel and above the dock. In this way the passenger can access the same information as the driver.

For the interior furnishings, the Color&Trim department at Italdesign Giugiaro invested in research and development on methodologies and materials, opting for a sewing method never used before in the automotive sector: raw cut seams. The hides, specially produced for this prototype, are dyed in two contrasting colors- light on the "upside" and dark on the "backside." In this way, the light-dark chromatic contrast creates a graphic line that outlines and emphasizes shapes. Furthermore, the front seats are asymmetrical with a cushion overhanging the door sill on the outer sides. This enables the passengers to get in an out of the vehicle with greater ease. The sides of the rear seats has inbuilt LED system which make the entry in the car easier in low visibility by following the design of the seats.

2012 Italdesign Giugiaro Brivido 2012 Italdesign Giugiaro Brivido

The tunnel accommodates the fourteen buttons that activate the entire main and the 8-speed automatic transmission, as well as contains the classic storage compartments and cup holders. The display in the middle of the dashboard replicates key information on the climate control system, fuel consumption, and the hybrid system configuration. Depending on the graphical configuration of the display, the buttons required to activate and deactivate the corresponding functions emerge from the dashboard alongside the monitor. New touchscreen technology and the experience of high-quality rocker switches come together to create a new control system.

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