GEA Concept debuted last week in Geneva, previewing the future of luxury design. The car is a project of Italdesign Giugiaro and is a stunning piece of art. The most important thing is that the focus in it has been changed from the driver to the passengers occupying the rear seats. In short, the car offers three different configurations of the compartment at the rear, including business, wellness and dream.

In other words, this change is expressed via a technology called "Piloted Driving" that allows the car to drive autonomously. The conceptual center of gravity is changed from the driver's seat to the passengers in the rear. When the car takes control over driving, it then allows the occupants to focus on other tasks.

Some of the other highlights included are the remotely operated 90° book-type doors and virtual red carpet. In addition, there is this cool function where the glass darkens at driver's wish in order to match the car's body color.

After one is welcomed by the "red carpet", then he or she sees the 19-inch LED screens in the back and the 180-degree swivel front passenger seat. There are also 12-inch screen in the front displaying important vehicle data and two additional 3.5-inch displays where one can see what side cameras are shooting at the moment.

In this concept lights are used in a very interesting way. First, the LED light clusters and laser lights are a source of communication between the exterior and the interior. Depending on the selected driving mode, the lights instantly change. Another impressive and immediately seeable feature is the wheels which comprise of more than 60 spokes. In fact, they are huge, measuring 26-inches and made from aluminum.

But more import is the question where the power comes from? Interestingly enough, this innovative concept is driven by four electric motors. Considering the name (GEA stands for Earth) it was obvious that the car will be ecologically-minded. Each of the motors generates 190 horsepower (143 kW), meaning that the total output of the car is pretty impressive, 760 hp (570 kW). The top speed stands at 250 km/h (155 p/h).

Although GEA Concept seems really exciting and innovative, and also focuses on a lot of technology advancements, we doubt that it will see the lights of the automotive market. Maybe next year Italdesign Giugiaro will offer more production-viable version of this intelligent car.

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Source: Italdesign Giugiaro