There's nothing quite like getting a new car. When you first bring it home - whether you plan on driving it everyday, or you are more of an automobile collector - it's absolutely flawless. The paint job is shining, the car works beautifully, and each and every feature is completely perfect. And, if you're like most people when they get new cars, you make up your mind then and there to keep your car in the closest thing to perfect shape as you possibly can! Unfortunately, somewhere along the way many of us start slacking off, and in one way or another upkeep and maintenance efforts are forgotten. So, here's a brief guide to the steps most important to take if you're truly interested in keeping your car good as new.

Scheduled Basic Maintenance

Keeping to a regular maintenance schedule is perhaps the single most important step in keeping your car operating good as new. Things like tire tread, brake pad wear, oil, and brake fluid, among others, require regular attention, and it's easy to get too relaxed about your schedule. Strict maintenance will often keep your car from experiencing more serious issues.

Defensive Driving (And Parking)

Defensive driving techniques are all about allowing for the mistakes of others and compensating in advance, and the same principals can be applied to parking. Keep your car out of harm's way by not driving too close, or parking too close, to other vehicles or potential hazards. This minimizes the chances for damage.

Proper Insurance Coverage

While protective measures can certainly help, there is no way to entirely guarantee that your car will never be damaged. For this reason, it's still a good idea to speak to an insurance provider like Aviva to make sure that you have adequate insurance coverage. In the event of damage, or even theft, you will then be in better financial position to restore your car.

Occasional Customization

It's impossible to totally prevent wear and tear from occurring to your car, and that's why occasional customization and upgrade can be a good step to take. Whether it's installing new leather seats after frays or tears, or even a new paint job, this sort of upkeep can certainly keep your vehicle looking and feeling fresh.

Sun Protection

Sunlight can wear down not only a car's paint job, but even its interior over time. You can delay these issues by using a windshield sun reflector, as well as parking your car indoors and using a cover when appropriate. These steps can help your car to age far more slowly.

Gentle Handling

Finally, handling your car gently on the road is another very important step to take. When you drive harshly (high speeds, sudden braking, etc.) your car is put under more physical pressure, and will wear down more quickly. For that reason, in addition to driving defensively, it's important to drive gently.