Local Motors LM3D SwimLess than four months have passes since the first design for a 3D-printed car was revealed, when Local Motors demonstrates the LM3D Swim, the latest rapid vehicle iteration that leads to full homologated 3D-printed car, especially created to be safe, smart and flexible. The sales are scheduled for spring 2016.

Local Motors, the brand that shocked the world with its live-printing of world's first 3D-printed vehicle at SEMA last year now raises up to the challenge to deliver road-ready, fully homologated series of automobiles, using the direct digital manufacturing technology, of which 3D printing is part.

Being unveiled at SEMA show in Las Vegas this year, LM3D Swim, which is personally designed by Kevin Lo, won the design prize with community votes and judging panel that includes and the former TonightShow host Jay Leno and SEMA Vice President of Vehicle Technology John Waraniak. The competition was hosted on Local Motor's co-creation platform, Open IO with the single idea to demonstrate design concept for next-gen 3D-printed cars.

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Furthermore, the software developed by Siemens, including the Solid Edge allows the Local Motor engineering team to move as fast as possible from concept vehicle to synchronized and flexible technology. And SABIC, the world leader in thermoplastic material solutions, provided all that is needed in order to created the body of LM3D Swim.

From now on, the incredible and advanced technology will be incorporated into all models in LM3D series. Local Motors even partnered with IBM in order to create interactions between microfactory, 3D-printed automobiles. All these technologies will result in improved safety and efficiency.

We all hope that the safety features will be not just improved, but will be the center of further innovative technologies.

Source: Local Motors