Russia are famous with their production of "quality" and "reliable" vehicles like VAZ, Moskvich, GAZ and some other "genious" car makes. Once Jeremy Clarkson said about VAZ: "The headlights are wrong, the radiator grille is wrong, the bonnet is wrong, the wheels are wrong, their tyres are wrong, the suspension is wrong, the prop shaft is wrong, the engine is wrong, and the gear lever is set in concrete. The boot is wrong, the boot lid is wrong, the rear wings are wrong, the rear stop lights are wrong, the indicators are wrong, the sunvisors are wrong, the rear mirror is wrong. And this steering wheel has absolutely nothing or whatsoever to do with the direction of travel.". So, as you may suggest that everything, which comes from Russia is trash, but you will be definitely wrong. They have beautiful women and ... cars, too.

Here is the Marussia, which looks gorgeous and has 3.5 liter V6 from Cosworth with power levels: 300, 360 and 420 horsepower. The best thing in this car is not its vision, neither its engine, it is the weight – 1100kg (2425 lbs). So it will definitely drive well and go superbly fast – 0 to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds, which is awesome, especially compared to other russian vehicle – VAZ 2101, which accelerates to a 100 km/h for ... 22 months, I mean seconds.

The car is priced around 100 000 Euro, which is good compared to the performance and unique style. By 2014 Marussia plans to produce up to 10 000 cars per year, we are eager to see that.

However, this is russian car, so it has to be something wrong with it and you wont be disappointed – the wrong thing is its name! You will ask "Why?", I'm telling immeadiately. "Marussia" is a very popular name for a ... donkey (in Eastern Europe). Nice, A?

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