Being an exhaust company isn't really easy. It is rather… exhausting. (See what I did here?) The people who work there basically sit and do their magic on a bunch of pipes and different tubes. In order to dig their path through the various difficulties, challenges and, well, a whole world of metal, they should go big and jump the barrier of what is normal and conventional. As it seems, for the Slovenians exhaust experts Akrapovic, that meant creating a vehicle… a bike… a thing that will make you sit down and have a thought of it.

It is called ‘Full Moon' and is been designed from the tailpipe forwards. If Anakin Skywalker was around, he would definitely like to give it a try and cruise with it around Coruscant! It looks like something that could fly! On a second thought, the Akrapovic ‘Full Moon' bike would also suit a Disney villain. Yes.

Back to the serious part now. The original name of this intriguing machine is inspired by the impressive 30-inch aluminum and carbon fiber front wheel, finished with a composite perimeter brake. The latter can be said to be bigger than the rollers of any other NORMAL bike. Almost. The exhausts are mounted directly into the sheetmetal body. As the company points out; "the bike is essentially an exhaust."

This dreammachine motorcycle is powered by a 1542cc engine from S&S. Morover, Akrapovic has equipped their creation with ceramic brakes, ‘automatic steering' and a hydraulic suspension system which lowers the bike on its bodywork and it doesn't need a kickstand and a steering system.

Source: Akrapovic