2016 Mercedes-Benz GLA 45 AMG Front ViewMercedes-AMG CLA 45 4MATIC, CLA 45 4MATIC Shooting Brake and GLA 45 4MATIC models are now getting significant updates. The improved vehicles will enter dealerships in September, so if you have decided onto buying one, you should consider waiting a couple of months. The upgrades are fantastic and they are regarding the appearance, driving engagement and powertrains.

A 45 4MATIC as an Example

The recently enhanced A 45 4MATIC AMG serves as an example of the changes regarding the other three. As a reminder, the A-Class is powered by an uprated AMG 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine, which now generates 381 hp (280 kW). This is an increase of 21 hp (15 kW). In addition, the optimum torque was improved with 25 Nm (18 lb-ft) to 475 Nm (351 lb-ft).

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Car's performance levels are even better due to the revised gear-ratio 7-speed dual clutch transmission as well as the innovative DYNAMIC SELECT transmission modes. Regarding the driving dynamics, extras here include AMG RIDE CONTROL sports suspension and AMG DYNAMIC PLUS package. So this is basically what we will find on the other three Mercedes-AMG models.

How Changes Affect the Performance of the Trio

2016 Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG Front View

Having in mind all of the updates, we can also expect from the trio better performance, can't we? So, starting with the CLA 45 4MATIC, it will accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds. Compared to the previous generation, this is 0.4 seconds faster.

When it comes to its Shooting Brake version, the acceleration time is 4.3 seconds. The Mercedes-AMG GLA 45 is slower than previous two, with 0-100km/h run covered in 4.4 seconds.

Due to sophisticated technology, Mercedes managed to keep the consumption levels unchanged from the previous models. Precisely, the CLA 45 4MATIC and Shooting Brake need 6.9 litres per 100 kilometres, emitting only 161 g/km of CO2. The The GLA 45 4MATIC consumes 7.4 l/100 km and has corresponding to 172 g/km CO2. 

If you after all have decided to wait two months and buy the new versions of these jewels, then it will cost you this: €56,673.75 for the CLA 45 4MATIC, €57,268.75 for the CLA 45 4MATIC Shooting Brake and €56,168.00 for the GLA 45 4MATIC.

2016 Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG Shooting Brake

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Note: Pictures depict the following models (from top to bottom): 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLA 45 AMG, 2016 Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG, 2016 Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG Shooting Brake.

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