For many people materialism is an important part of their lives; from looking their best, owning the largest house and wearing the latest jewellery. It makes a difference to how business people are perceived and can be used to make people feel better about their lifestyle. Competitiveness has been a part of western life for many years and with so much influence put on first impressions and constant advertising it does not look like changing anytime soon.

This is especially the case with cars with some drivers only caring about getting from A to B; while others want to get there in the biggest, formidable-looking and high performance car possible. That's why premium car makers spend fortunes designing, updating and modernising models to bring them in line with driver's expectations. Here are just a few reasons why a premium used Mercedes-Benz for sale remains so popular with motorist wanting more than run-of- the-mill:

Badge envy

The motor industry has some quality in-depth, so buying the best really does make a statement. Just look at the refinement that a Skoda now offers; pushing the bar up for Mercedes to justify its price tag. However, the reputation of Mercedes precedes it and the power of the badge should not be underestimated. When you see the large and muscular Mercedes badge adorning the front you know you are in safe hands and anyone seeing it from the outside knows you have paid for the best.

Coolness of the brand

Marketing plays a huge role in selling cars and building a brand that pulls drivers in and makes them fans. Mercedes is only second to Aston Martin in the cool brand shortlist coming in just outside the top ten, which is impressive but not surprising. Consider the fact that Janis Joplin did not sing about wanting an Audi, Jaguar or Porsche; she sang about desiring a Mercedes and that still rings true today.

Exceptional levels of refinement

When you step inside your car you can no longer see the formidable looks on the outside; that's for other motorists to wwwire. This means that you need to know that your money is well spent with the levels of equipment, refinement and luxury inside the cabin. This is where Mercedes excels to the point where being in the back of the car is as exceptional as being in the front and any client, friend or family member is going to be in awe every time they sit in your Mercedes.