Mean Metal M-Zero Front ViewI am sure that you haven't heard anything about Mean Metal Motors, since I have just understood it existed. The reason for this is that this is a new company and more importantly, that it is actually based in India. And it seems like an unspoken rule that supercars can be made only in Europe. Well, this company seems to question this, because Mean Metals is actually working on the first Indian supercar.The project is dubbed M-Zero and what isn't put forward here is that on it are working four teams from four countries. The Portuguese and Italians are designing the body and styling; those in UK take care for the simulations and analysis, while the Indians are left with the work on the engine and transmission, aerodynamics and handling, electronics and energy storage systems. So pretty much, this is the first Indian supercar made with a lot of European help.What has been revealed so far? First, the M-Zero will have carbon-fibre monocoque tub chassis and will be driven by a hybrid powertrain. The mid-engined supercar might get either a 4.0-litre AMG V8 bi-turbo or the 4.8-litre NA V10, which will be connected to an electric motor. The targeted total output is 750 hp.Furthermore, the involved Crosshair system will act as a stabilizer and will improve aerodynamics. The supercar will also run on special alloy wheels, which will adapt easily to the road conditions. Hydro-pneumatic struts, light-weight suspension system and a Turbulize will all help the M-Zero execute perfect performance.And what do you think of Fingerprint Keyless entry? It might sound unreal, but this car will have it, meaning that the owner will be the one and only behind the steering wheel.M-Zero will stay in Metal Motors computers if they don't find funds. The money they are looking for is around $7 million USD and they will be used for the making of the prototype. There is even a manufacturing facility planned and it will be surprisingly in Europe. This hints to the conclusion that the company is obviously aiming at people living in the old continent.Does this project seem plausible to you? Tell us what you think.

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