The British carmaker, Morgan, does not announce very often new launches but when it does so, well, everyone seems to be pretty interested because the rarest things are the most intriguing! This time around, the company will release a new model during 2015 Geneva Motor Show which is going to take place in March.

We haven't been given any solid information yet. What we have, though, is a single shadowy image which leaves us drooling and leads us into assuming that the new model might be somehow linked to 2012 Morgan Electric Aero Supersports vehicle or 2012 Morgan Aero Coupe. As a refresher, Morgan Aero Coupe has BMW-sourced 4.8-liter V8 engine which carries a power output of 367 HP and 361 lb-ft of torque. Since both of the cars represent an escape from the automaker's traditional vision, we won't be surprised if the model we are waiting for is yet another departure.

Design and performance details surrounding the new Morgan classic creation have been pretty vague at this point but the company is promising to reveal more over the next couple of weeks. Being as scarce, secretive and unspecific as possible is a combination that achieves two things: on the one hand it makes you hungrier to find out more, on the other hand it is kind of annoying. For now patience is the answer.

Source: Morgan