Most people do not know that motorcycle accidents resulted in more than eighty-two thousand injuries and over five thousand five hundred in the US in 2020. During the same year, around sixteen hundred folks were injured and around a hundred and eighteen dead in Missouri, also from motorcycle-related accidents.

Invariably, you will see a rise in demand for Cape Girardeau motorcycle accident lawyers since it is among the most sought-after Missouri cities with an alarming traffic-related accident rate. These professionals know the law well and use their wealth of experience to ensure resident victims get fairly compensated for their pain, trauma, and loss.

New city residents will find the ensuing points highlighting motorcycle mishaps and the importance of accident lawyers in dealing with the aftermath.

About motorcycle mishaps in Cape Girardeau, MO

It is vital to realize that the injuries sustained from motorcycle crashes can often be severe and even fatal. In fact, statistics suggest that motorcyclists accounted for nearly fourteen percent of all traffic-related fatalities in the US. However, motorcycles account for only three percent of all registered vehicles across the country.

Motorcycle accidents commonly occur on Missouri's I-55 as residents take to the open road on their two-wheelers for a fast-paced joy ride. That being said, not all motorcyclists in the city are careless, with most of them following traffic rules and safety protocols. However, even responsible city drivers cannot avoid being hit by unruly truckers, car drivers, or commercial vehicle operators in the city. Here's where an accident lawyer can come to their aid.

Why they occur

The causes of motorcycle crashes vary in Cape Girardeau, but they can be broken down into two categories: driver error and road conditions. Driver error is usually caused by poor judgment or lack of experience behind the wheel. Drunk driving is another common cause, as many still take to their vehicles despite having an impaired driving ability from too many drinks or illegal substance abuse.

Other typical factors include terrible weather conditions, such as snowfall or rainstorms, that make it harder for cars or motorcycles to navigate safely through their respective environments while impeding visibility from other drivers.

Road conditions also play into these types, including icy patches caused by frost heaves, which could cause motorists' tires to lose traction off-road even if they are going slowly.

What a lawyer can do

A legal professional specializing in motorcycle accidents can help file a claim for compensation on behalf of victims to cover various losses and damages, such as sky-high medical bills, emotional trauma, lost wages, future medical costs, and more. They ensure to file the papers within the permissible timeframe, which is five years from the date of the crash in Missouri. Most local lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, taking only a small percentage of the settlement amount if they win the case.

In some cases, they may get thousands or millions of dollars in settlement, depending on the case's specifics. Also, they offer free consultations to help potential clients understand their options better and make informed choices.

A reputable lawyer can also help in car accident cases

Although it helps to hire expert Cape Girardeau motorcycle accident lawyers, know that a respected local firm can also assist in straightforward or complex car accident cases to get you compensation. For instance, they can get families of car crash victims a settlement of over a million dollars in wrongful death lawsuits or approximately $600,000 for those who get grievously injured in car-related traffic accidents in the city.

It is crucial to note that car crashes in Cape Girardeau happen primarily on I-55, I-57, and Central Junction Intersection. Parking lot accidents and drunk driving mishaps are also common, making it essential for new city folks to drive cautiously. A good Cape Girardeau lawyer can help with other personal injuries, such as medical negligence, train collisions, dog bites, nursing home abuse, and premises liability.

Finally, remember that the compensation for each will vary on different factors such as injury severity, collision intensity, medical expenses, financial damage, and more.

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