For most of the German tuners, the Urquattro represents something special, something that possesses huge santimental value. With its powerful engine under the bonnet, five cylinders and four wheel drive, the legendary sports coupe has proved itself as one of the most respected racing vehicles of the last century. The MTM's founder Roland Mayer used to be a part of the Urquattro's legendary five cylinder engine evolution.

MTM's programme for the revival of the five cylinder turbo engine, the Audi TTRS, goes from performance modifications up to braking systems and bimoto wheels in 19 or 20 inches.

The highest stage of MTM's performance modifications includes a complete conversion of the engine unit and a handmade exhaust system, which boosts the stock Audi 2,5TFSI 250 kW (340hp) quattro to the striking 424 hp (312kW). Furthermore, the MTM Audi TT-RS is fitted with a bimoto-forged rims set in size 9 x 20''.