The famous Opel brand is going to return to the motor racing with the new Opel Adam Cup and new Opel Astra OPC. The goal of the company is to make a new model which is both technically sophisticated and reasonably priced, and at the same time which provides a good platform for young ambitious drivers to continuously develop their talent.

The first step towards this goal is the rally cup version of the new Opel ADAM, which has been closely specified to FIA R2 standards. Moreover, it will be utilized in the 2013 season. As part of the "ADAC Rally Masters" race series these customer cars will compete in a branded cup – the ADAC Opel Rally Cup.

Secondly, the new Ople Astra OPC Cup will be part of the VLN endurance championships. It is being made available from the 2013 season onwards as a racing version for customer sports. Important to mention is that both cup cars are engineered to match the "VLN Endurance Championship" standards which are the most popular grass roots racing series in Europe.

The cars will also take part in a brand trophy in their own class. The highlight of the season however is the 24-hour race on the Nuerburgring race track.

Furthermore, an especially attractive benefits package is being offered for private competitors. It is not limited to top performance and affordable cutting edge racing technology. What is more, the customers benefit from competitively priced spare parts as well as technical and organisational support on and off the race track.

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