The Peugeot RCZ is a special vehicle that marks a new chapter in the history of Peugeot. It is designed for customers who sees their cars as both, source of driving enjoyment and daily transport.

The RCZ is the first Peugeot passenger car that is not marked with the traditional numbering system with a central ‘zero' or ‘double zero', and it offers an innovative blend of performance and environmental-friendliness. The top model of the RCZ range features an all new 1.6 litre THP engine that produces 200 bhp, and the entry level model has CO2 emissions of only 139 g/km.

The RCZ is a compact 2+ 2 Coupé and it possesses a few major styling features like: the "double bubble" of the roof and the aluminium "roof arches" which Peugeot retained from the concept model. At the front the RCZ retains the marque's characteristic feline look. The "double bubble" roof also improves the RCZ Coupé airflow and an active rear boot spoiler also contributes to the car's aerodynamic efficiency.

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The RCZ vehicle interior is finished with high quality materials which enhances the overall premium feeling and it is equipped with wrap-around seats which fits lika a glove around the front occupants. The overall ambience of the interior can also be enhanced by a range of hi-tech in-car-entertainment systems - Peugeot Connect 3D multimedia system, JBL™ Hi-fi system, Peugeot Connect USB box ….

The Peugeot RCZ offers a great range of personalisation options: a real carbon roof, roof arches in different colours (black chrome, "satin finish"), a range of 18" and 19'' alloy wheels in several finishes (matt black, polished black, dark grey, diamanté), black lacquered body parts at the front, carbon door mirror covers, bodywork detailing, etc.