By presenting the Q7 at the IAA in September 2005, Audi extended its product range by a luxurious and sportive SUV model. Only shortly after its market launch, PPI Automotive Design already presented an enhanced version of the 7-seater basic model. At the Essen Motor Show 2008, PPI now presents the technically and visually developed PPI ICE®. Even more dynamic, luxurious and exclusive than its predecessor. No dazzler, but a car which meets the highest requirements when it comes to driving pleasure and road safety.

Impressive design kit

Perfect surface quality and custom-fit craftsmanship are the defining features of the lift-reducing PPI body design. With the broad built kit, the PPI ICE® becomes a real eye-catcher both on- and off-road. One component of the striking front is a far more sportive front apron with enlarged cooling air inlets. An ultra-light hood bolstered with carbon provides additional fresh air for the front engine by its ventilation ducts. The wing extensions give the PPI ICE® a unique touch. The side skirts broaden the serial body by 110 mm and make everybody sense the power of the car, also when it is only parked. The PPI rear apron with an integrated diffuser accommodates the four end pipes of the sports exhaust system and seamlessly blends into the overall appearance. The carbon roof spoiler creates an additional downthrust and improves the car stability at high speeds. Further carbon layer components, such as the mirror case and door handle trims are available in either polished- or matt finish as well as in aluminium.

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More torque for enhanced driving pleasure

The impressive appearance of the PPI ICE® is supported by a range of performance kits. The first stage for all diesel and petrol engines is a kit with a sport exhaust system, sports air filter and optimised engine electronics. This produces a power increase of up to 35 kW/47 hp and an additional 45 Nm torque compared to the serial version. The top motorisation is a turbo-charged version of the 4.2L V8 engine. 600 hp / 442 kW and a maximum speed of 295 km/h is the result of this PPI development. A further specification sheet requirement by the PPI development crew stipulated that the car should accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 6 seconds. This requirement was met by the engine technicians in an impressive way: with only 5.9 seconds, the PPI ICE® does it 1.5 seconds faster than its serial counterpart. And moreover, all of this is acoustically accentuated by the powerful, earthy sound coming from the PPI sports exhaust system with its 4 end pipes.

Brakes and rims in XXL

The generously dimensioned sports brake system ensures excellent deceleration values for the PPI ICE®. Brake discs sized 405 x 34 mm (front) and 380 x 28 mm (rear) are sandwiched by the front six-piston and rear four-piston brake callipers. This deceleration is transferred to the road by a special wheel and tyre combination. Equipped with new one-piece PPI RC 5/1 light alloy rims in the XXL format 11x23 and Michelin LATITUDE Sport tyres measuring 315/25 R23.This tyre was jointly developed with Michelin especially for this car and is authorised for speeds of up to 315 km/h.

Cars with air suspension can be equipped with the PPI sports module. Compared to the serial function, the ground clearance increases by 70 mm and the module can additionally be lowered by 40 mm.

Engineered design without any limits

The highlight of the interior is an ergonomically newly designed PPI "Identity" sport steering wheel. An absolute must for all technology fans is the special PPI console for iPhone, Treo and Blackberry. Custom made for you and integrated into your car by master hands. On demand, our upholsterer supplies everything that makes your heart beat faster. From a weight-optimised motor sports cockpit to an automobile VIP lounge, everything is individually designed for you with precision craftsmanship.