The Sintesi concept car unveiled by Pininfarina at the last edition of the Geneva Motor Show won the "red dot award 2008" today in Singapore for "the excellent quality of its design and the outstanding innovation of its technological content". The four door, four seat sports GT Sintesi was chosen by the judges of the red dot award – from over 1900 concepts from 48 nations – for encapsulating the essence of the car of the future in its sleek and aerodynamic silhouette.

While not a study in beauty as an end in itself, the Sintesi pays more than just lip service to aesthetics, which are enhanced by uniting the interior and exterior in a design that shapes the mechanicals – a combination of fuel cells, drive train components and batteries – around the requisites for space and safety of the occupants, the true protagonists of future automotive scenarios, together with the car itself, envisioned as part of a vehicular network interconnected by a decentralised intelligence system devised to create a new harmony among cars themselves and between cars and the surrounding environment.

"The Sintesi is a genuine laboratory on wheels", says Group president Paolo Pininfarina. "The red dot award acknowledges the ability of the Pininfarina design team to set new quality standards for itself, start again from a clean sheet and tackle the challenge of creating something with completely new heart, muscles and brain, something that is extraordinary and futuristic by today's criteria but destined to become the norm in future".

The red dot award is the second accolade garnered by Pininfarina design in Asia in the space of just a few days: at the Guangzhou Motor Show, the A 108 saloon, designed and developed by Pininfarina for the Chinese carmaker JAC, secured the "Best Car in Show" award.

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