Hitting the roads since 1998, the Ford Focus has become the firm favourite among the everyday driver. While it may not be a heavy, battering ram of a muscle car or a fuel-injected throbbing sportster, it compensates for that in terms of pure practicality, making it ideal for the driver wanting to get from A to B with ease.

And, with the 2013 range, the new Ford Focus has maintained its top spot as one of the finest medium-sized family cars on the market, combining a host of new features along with its usual comfortable riding experience.

The range, as ever, has an impressive array of engine choices, all incorporated with Ford's signature Ecoboost technology, which improves fuel economy by 20 per cent, along with markedly better torque and horsepower. While it's no high-speed sports car, even the lowest powered engine in the range can make it from 0-62mph in well under 13 seconds.

But, a discussion on the engine is almost beside the point – no one has ever purchased a Ford Focus expecting a rollicking speed ride. The car has always prided itself most in terms of comfort, and with the 2013 models you can have all comfort you need, with smooth handling and an array of new features.

The improved selection of driver assist features are especially impressive, with adaptive cruise control, lane-change assist, electrically aided steering and traffic sign recognition all coalescing to make for an easier drive. It's also a cruiser with an outstanding level of noise suppression and DAB and Bluetooth as standard, essentially future proofing it for at least the next few years.

Added to this is a somewhat improved dashboard and centre console which, while not quite leaping forwards to a touchscreen, has an improved graphic quality and slightly less finicky controls to create a more helpful user interface.

One slightly baffling change is the new lack of a three door option in the 2013 model. Although it's not the end of the world – the car, after all, still maintains its appealing ergonomic design no matter how many doors are on it – it could strike the user as a curious alteration in a vehicle known for its wide range of options.

Essentially, the Ford Focus still works on the same level; a reasonably priced car that offers a smooth drive and a host of features.

While the range was never going to set the world alight for an adrenaline-fuelled petrol head, that was never really the point. If you're searching for the vehicular equivalent of a flaming Sambuca, then you should look elsewhere. The Ford Fiesta 2013 is, instead, for the individual after more of a fine wine – refined, stately and with a smooth taste for the discerning driver.