As it is about to go on sale in the Spanish market, the new SEAT Ibiza ECOMOTIVE received the "ECOBEST 2008" award in the historic city of Istanbul from the Autobest organisation, which distinguishes it as the most ecological car of the year by countries with emerging markets.

The VIII edition of the Autobest Awards was attended by over 150 people, including journalists from 15 countries that make up the Autobest jury, several international motor racing celebrities, managers in the local automotive sector and members of the specialised press.

Fernando Salvador, SEAT's Product Communication Manager, received the ECOBEST award, which has been included for the first time in the annual Autobest prizes. He said "this is an especially important prize for SEAT. The Ibiza is the most relevant model in our range and the new ECOMOTIVE version accurately expresses our strategy of manufacturing vehicles that are increasingly environmentally friendly. We are very proud of this award and would like to thank Autobest for recognising SEAT's contribution to introducing ecological models in the market."

Fernando Salvador, SEAT's Product Communication Manager, received the ECOBEST award

The new SEAT Ibiza ECOMOTIVE was chosen ahead of rivals such as the Ford Fiesta Econetic or the Toyota iQ, receiving a positive score in almost all the criteria in the selection process including factors such as vehicle price, service network, spare parts distribution, versatility, design and technology, among others.

With CO2 emissions of only 98 g/km and a fuel consumption figure of 3.7 l/100 km, the Ibiza ECOMOTIVE is the leading vehicle in its segment in terms of environmental sustainability as well as the Spanish brand's most ecological car.

ECOMOTIVE range, firmly committed to environmental sustainability

The Spanish brand is heavily focussed on environmental sustainability with its range of ecological ECOMOTIVE cars. SEAT's current models carrying the ECOMOTIVE badge are the new Ibiza, whose CO2 emissions are 98 g/km, the León, with only 119 g/km, and the Alhambra, which at 159 g/km is the least contaminating vehicle in its segment.

The best example is without a doubt the new Ibiza ECOMOTIVE. Equipped with the efficient 80 hp 1.4 TDI engine and DPF particulate filter, it is the most ecological car in its segment. Improvements made to the car's streamlining with a newly designed closed front grille and new rear spoiler, new software for the engine's electronic management, and weight reduction are a few of the measures taken to reduce fuel consumption and lower emissions compared to the former model.

Available in both the five-door and SC versions, the new Ibiza ECOMOTIVE is an excellent purchase. Customers not only save on registration tax in Spain and enjoy tax benefits in other countries, but will be driving an even more fuel efficient car that contributes more towards environmental conservation.

The León ECOMOTIVE can also boast of being one of the most ecological models of its segment. Its 105 hp 1.9 TDI engine produces a CO2 emissions figure of 119 g/km, 16 g/km less than the basic version. But the León ECOMOTIVE also stands out for its spectacular fuel consumption of 4.5 l/100 km. Improvements introduced in its engine's electronic management, gear ratios, weight reduction and tyres have produced a sporty vehicle that is environmentally friendly at the same time.

The latest addition to SEAT's ECOMOTIVE range is the Alhambra. Its ecological version is equipped with the 140 hp 2.0 TDI engine, and it produces 159 g/km of CO2 emissions, making it the first model in its segment to break the 160 g/km barrier. Thanks to these figures, the Alhambra ECOMOTIVE is in the 4.75% registration tax bracket, making it an extremely attractive purchase option. Furthermore, the average combined fuel consumption figure of the Alhambra ECOMOTIVE is only 6 litres for every 100 km.

A good indication of the sporty character that the brand always wants its models to feature is the addition of sports suspension to the Alhambra ECOMOTIVE equipment list, making the Spanish brand's monospace car stand out for its low emissions and fuel consumption, as well as for its sporty, efficient character.

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