The well-known Hollywood icon, that was captain of Starship Enterprise for more than 30 years, William Shatner teams up with American Wrench go create the first Rivet motorcycle. With the aid of Rivet, Shatner will make a ride across the country to showcase the machine on the road. The start of the tour will be on 23rd June and will continue the next 8 days with the idea to showcase the Rivet motorcycle in various cities across the US.

Alongside with Shatner will be some of the American Wrench team members and members of The American Legion Riders. Shatner will be meeting crew members all along the road and the journey will make stops in numerous places: St. Louis, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Albuqueeque, Flagstaff, Las Vegas and will get back to Los Angeles on June 30th.

Now, let's talk about the ride itself. It is a machine, that was born with the creative ideals of Shatner, alongside with American Wrench owner and designer Kevin Sirotek, that aimed to create landjet, that the world haven't seen before.

Furthermore, the journey will be documented for a special upcoming television show. The plot will follow Shatner and company to each city he visits. There will be numerous opportunity for people to meet the Rivet in person and of course Shatner and the rest of the crew.

Sounds enough interesting for me! For further information about the show and the machine stay tuned!