Mercedes-Benz SLKMercedes-Benz sends the SLK to the summer roadster season. The two-seater is geared with redesigned engine and transmission, that altogether boost the overall efficiency and performance. In fact, the SKL is available to order now. As some of you might remember, before nearly 20 years, Mercedes-Benz redefined roadster vehicles with the vario-roof and combined the pleasure of driving both in sunny and rainy days and nights.

Like the predecessor, the SLK is capable of providing 204 hp (150 kW), 500 Nm of torque leads to increased acceleration - the roadster goes from 0 to 100 for 6.6 seconds. The diesel engine is especially built for power and consumption efficiency, which makes the revised SLK the most environmentally friendly car in the series.

As (almost) always, the SLK 200 comes with a redesigned 6-speed manual gearbox, that is precisely built to bring accuracy and comfort. The SLK 300 and the SLK 250 D are geared with 9-speed automatic 9G-Tronic transmission, that delivers lower engine speed and fast gear shifts.

The standard pack of the revised SLK comes with LED lamps, LTE-capable exterior and optional convenience telephony. There are also many different safety and performance systems to ensure pleasurable and safe drive.

2015 SLK comes with Attention Assist, Collision Prevention Assist Plus, different technology tweaks, that include automatic proximity control, Adaptive Brake Assist, Blind Spot Assist.

The SLK includes a smooth suspension, which could be further changed with the Dynamic Handling pack, that comes with adaptive damping system, Direct-Steer system, Dynamic Cornering System.

The redesigned SLK models surely deserve our attention an so we will continue to bring you news from the Mercedes-Benz crew. Stay tuned!

Source: Mercedes-Benz