The exclusive and indescribably beautiful 2013 Smart ForStars is going to make its first world appearance in Paris later this month. The electrically driven vehicle is a coupé with room for two people and plenty of storage space.

But why it carries this new name? It is because the newly developed glass roof above the passengers that gives a clear view of the starry sky. At the same time it hints at the integration of a video projector in the front bonnet.

The colour of the expressive coupé is painted in the "alubeam rouge" color. This creates an outstanding contrast to the matt metallic titanium colou of the tridion safety cell. Furthermore the 60 kW magneto-electric motor delivered by smart BRABUS electric drive makes the zero-emission smart forstars agile and lively. The new Smart model also retains the compact dimensions which are typical for the brand; it is exactly 3550/1710/1505 mm in length/width/height.

The wide range of technologies is also featured in the car. The media player of the projector integrated in the front bonnet is operated via Bluetooth® from an iPhone®. A high-quality sound system with additional loudspeakers in the ventilation openings behind the doors enables the drive-in cinema experience.

It is obvious that the new Smart model has striking new appearance and in fact its silhouette offers a look at brand's future design philosophy. The rhombic design of the front and rear lamps is grabs the attention immediately.

A newly created detail is the "eyebrows" with new U-shaped look above the front headlamps. The charging socket for the high-voltage battery is found inside the right-hand tail light, whilst the left-hand one has space for a beverage can.

One of the most striking design features here is the glass roof above the passengers' heads. It joins seamlessly with the glass cover over the cargo area which opens upwards.

Shiny black trims that continue below the side skirts draw the attention to the wheel cutouts. The new vehicle runs on Michelin sports tyres in 245/35 ZR 21 size.

And if one takes the look at the interior, one should have the feeling as if they are in a spaceshoip from the future. Sleek, taut surfaces in mother-of-pearl white combined with precisely designed technical functional elements in brushed aluminium are all around the cabin. The "alubeam rouge" creates the link with the exterior.

Very stylish and functional, Smart ForStars has seat shells, which are open in the middle and are covered with a soft fabric throw giving them a hammock-like seating feel. The graphic elements and different red tones of the covers show a progression and thus underline the dynamism and the very trendy aspect of the vehicle.

The seats are wrapped with high-quality white bag leather with exquisite white piping. Another sophisticated contrast here is the featured perforated leather in the door paneling.

Undeniably, the cockpit boasts aerodynamic styling. The control and display elements are oriented to the driver. An interesting element is that the two-spoke steering wheel is open at the top.

The rear-view mirror is replaced by a smartphone. It is placed in a holder at the top of the windscreen. The driver can see the road condition behind with the help of an integrated video camera. The smartphone also serves as a media source and controls the projector.

At last but not least, the new 2013 Start ForStars Electric drive brings more driving excitement to a new level and moreover has a zero local emissions. The electric drive of the car is based on the innovative drive concept of the smart fortwo BRABUS electric drive.

The output of the magneto-electric motor here has been increased to 82 kW (60 kW). With 135 Nm (100 lb-ft) of torque it boasts powerful, lag-free acceleration, agility and driving excitement. The vehicle has a top speed of around 80 mph and the lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 17.6 kWh.

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