The internet is full of jokes about women's inability to drive. It is an actual fact however that statistically, women are the more cautious on the road and are the ones less likely to cause an accident. This is where The Axa womens car insurance in Northern Ireland comes into place.

They offer a special type of insurace that's specially for women. All of the policies involved are essentially fully beneficial, offering full coverage. One can go for a third-party or a fully comprehensive type of insurance – both of which grant a range of female car insurance producs  that are designed to suit any need. If we take a closer look at the fully comprehensive one, we get 75 per cent no claims discount, use of a replacement car for up to seven days while yours is repaired and 31 days of European cover. With the comprehensice package, your car is isnured against damage casued by an accident, fire or theft. Damge to other people or other people's propery is also covered.

The end product however, is absolutely flexible. There are a number of options which can fit any need. At a (low) price, one can opt for the folowing.

24 hour Breakdown assistance (that includes calling out for punctures)

Personal belongings cover up to £250

Personal accident cover for you or any named drivers.

What's more, these optional extras are in no way connected to your no claims discount status.

Most importantly however, the people behind AXA Northern Ireland are out there for you, ready to provide maxium support in the event of an accident. It simply is the humane thing to do.