rsche-911-GTS-1240Techart's new program for Porsche 911 Carrera GTS and 911 Carrera 4 GTS offers individualization options that can literally match any taste. Enhanced aerodynamic styling, driving performance, wheels and bespoke interiors are all key characteristics of the refined Porsches. There is also good news for those who will be visiting the auto saloon in Geneva, because the

The individualized exterior of the 911 GTS is all about styling and aerodynamics. Although there is subtle difference to the standard models, it is quite distinctive. Take a look at the new front spoiler which upgrades the original front apron of the car.

It also creates extra dynamics by visually lowering the body and reducing the aerodynamic lift at the front axle. Next, there is the elegant roof spoiler, the prominent rear spoiler and sharp profiled side skirts.

In terms of driving dynamics, Techart created performance equipment and wheels that add to the credentials of the car. The new sport exhaust systems add a sporty highlight to the rear of the 911 Carrera GTS. In addition, it also provides a racier soundscape at all speeds.

As a matter of fact, there are two different exhaust systems. Both are dynamically valve-controlled to adjust the sound according to the driving style. Besides the sport exhaust system with two twin tailpipes on each side, the second system has a motorsport-like appearance, meaning that it comes with two central tailpipes and an extraordinary audible presence.

The driving dynamics of the Porsche were further enhanced vie the new sport springs bring the 911 GTS body closer to the track. Furthermore, the electro-hydraulic TECHART Noselift system provides 45 mm of additional ground clearance at the push of a button by lifting the vehicle's body at the front axle. This feature is perfect to overrun obstacles like garage ramps.

The huge amount of power of the Porsche is transmitted onto the road via forged Techart Formula IV Race center lock wheel. They have five twin-spokes wheel design and come in 20-inch size and standard bicolor finish in titanium grey with a gloss-turned front surface.

Inside, the tuners have also prepared some tweaks for the 911 GTS models. Take for example the individualized door entry guards or the multi-function sport steering wheels with paddle shifters. Of course, we can't miss the aluminium-made sport pedals, contrasted decorative stitching, color-coordinated instrument dials, and a coupe wrapped in select leather. Nice work Techart!

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