Vorsteiner-V-FF-101-Tesla-Model-S-mediumIt's nice to see Tesla back in the news, even if it's just by proxy. Vorsteiner – the California-based tuning company with a rather German name – have laid their hands on a Tesla Model S, which coincidentally (or not) is also a Californian brain child.

Maybe because it's such an interesting choice (an electric car), Vorsteiner didn't do much in terms of modifications. In fact, it's just your average wheel-change-scheme: away with the stock 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels and on with the Vorsteiner set. They've gone for the 20-inch V-FF 101 Flow Forged Alloy wheels. Supposedly, they are even lighter than the standard ones. Sporting 285/35 R20 Michelins rather than the stock 245/45 R19 Goodyears must be taking a toll on the Tesla's range; but let's be honest, the new wheels most definitely do not look out of place on the Model S.

Just a reminder, the Tesla Model S is an all-electric RWD sedan powered by a 60 kWh lithium battery pack. It has pretty much all the features you would find on any of the executive saloons: Electronic Stability Control, Traction Control, big, ventilated ABS, an independent back suspension, Xenon headlights and LED back lights, a 200 watt, seven speaker system, eight airbags and many more.

Vorsteiner V-FF 101 Tesla Model S, 1 of 6Vorsteiner V-FF 101 Tesla Model S, 2 of 6Vorsteiner V-FF 101 Tesla Model S, 3 of 6Vorsteiner V-FF 101 Tesla Model S, 4 of 6Vorsteiner V-FF 101 Tesla Model S, 5 of 6Vorsteiner V-FF 101 Tesla Model S, 6 of 6

Source: Vorsteiner