Car window signs are designed to be installed on both the inside and outside of the window. It is a surprise to most drivers that signs which are seen on the outside of the car are designed to be installed on the inside of the car. The term "inside glass" is attached to these signs. Both outside and inside car window products can do the same things but the differences are discussed further below:

Outside Glass Decals

Most of the time car owners purchase outside glass signage. If the sign is placed inside a tinted window it would be hard to see. Decals are applied with a strong adhesive but one that still allows for the driver to see through the design. Rear window decals are tricky for many drivers because they are afraid of the windshield wiper on the back window causing harm to the decal. It will not cause harm if it is used sparingly. Be sure to clean the decal so that dirt and grime does not buildup and might be something the wiper could catch and lift the decal off the window.

Inside Glass Decals

Most "inside glass" customers are worried about theft or vandalism and even weather affecting the decals. The concerns are justified, but the one car sign not designed to last in weather is the window cling. The cling does not have adhesive and is the only product that demands to be place inside the vehicle facing out. Vandalism does not have a chance with "inside glass," the only issue is the degree of the tint on the window. A strong tint takes away from the design showing.