All fans of the best automobile show in the world now can see the episode - 2010 Top Gear Christmas Special. The cars from Christmas Special will be exhibited in the World of Top Gear exhibition at Beaulieu.

The three wise men - Jeremy, Richard and James were sent on their most dangerous challenge to date. The journey began in Iraq and finishing some 1200 miles later, in Bethlehem.

As you may suggest, the cars for this hard trip were soft top roadsters with 2 seats. Clarkson's choice was a Mazda MX5. May choose malfunctioning BMW Z3 and Richard was pleasantly surprised by the reliability of his Fiat Barchetta.

"We like to keep the exhibition as up to date as we possibly can and what could be better than for fans to see the show on TV and then the cars just a few days later," commented Stephen Munn, Commercial Director at the National Motor Museum.

Soon, we will publish a short fragments from 2010 Top Gear Christmas Special.