2020-Car-Maintenance-910Maintaining a motor comes down to how much you put in. Whether you want your car to last for years to come or you're trying to navigate the growing number of potholes, making sure you know how to properly look after your vehicle is a sure-fire way to make sure it flies through the next MOT and saves you having to start looking for a new model.

If you're keen to put your skills to use and do some DIY maintenance on your car, having a good idea of the top tools to have in your stash is a great starting point. To help you get your kit together, here's a look at the must-have tools to get the job done.

Socket set

You'll use a socket set for almost every job you work on. When choosing a set, make sure that the selection of drivers and sockets include a range of sizes. These should be displayed in both metric and standard measurements so that you can match the job to the socket. You might find that extensions and thin-walled sockets are also needed, so select a set that includes these to make tackling each job easy.


A set of screwdrivers is a real investment for an amateur mechanic. From helping to loosen wires and screws when working on fiddly electronic components to using flat head variations to pry apart sections, they can be very useful. Offset screwdrivers in particular are ideal for awkward screws that are too shallow as they have the ability to manoeuvre with precision.


Should you want to combat an electrical project on your car, pliers are essential. Fitting a stereo and wiring up the headlights require pliers in a selection of sizes – as well as wire cutters and strippers – to help fit the electrics safely and accurately.

Power tools

While there are plenty of hand tools available, power tools, such as the broad range available from SGS Engineering, can help get the job done quickly and efficiently. High torque pneumatic wrenches, for example, make removing the nuts from car tyres a smooth job, while the right drill can make all the difference.

Floor jack

Most of the work you'll need to do to your car will require it to be up off the ground. A heavy-duty floor jack is an investment as it hoists your vehicle safely and allows you access to the underside of your motor.

These are the top five tools to get you started, however you will build on this as you approach each item you need to fix on your car. Ensure that you have somewhere safe to store your collection by investing in a toolbox and keep them to hand for the next job on the list.