Toyota FT-86 Concept is shown for the first time at 41st Tokyo Motor Show this year. The car has been co-developed from Toyota and Subaru. Each company will produce its own version of the car, which will be put on sale in the end of 2011. FT-86 will be powered by naturally aspirated 2.0 litre four cylinder engine, and the power will be transmitted to the road by the rear wheels. The maximum output of the engine is 146bhp and 190Nm of torque. Hopefully, Toyota and Subaru boost the engine with turbo-charger, so the sporty appearance will match to the power unit under the bonnet. The engine will be combined with 6-speed manual gearbox to deliver maximum driving pleasure.

Other main goal for both companies is the affordable price. The target price is about $20,000, which is a very good value for sports coupe with rear-wheel-drive and good powerful engine.

The dimensions of FT-86 are 4160mm long, 1760mm wide and 1260mm high. This numbers speak truly for the sporty orientation of the car. Low and wide, the FT-86 is designed to bring driving pleasure, when you go round the corners even on the sports track.  Toyota are also hoping to bring in FT-86 the lost spirits from their previous models - MR2 and Celica.

The original plan of Toyota was FT-86 to weigh around 960kg, but with the safety requirements it will be almost 1200kg.

The final production car isn't confirmed yet, but Toyota are planning to introduce the road version at late 2011.

Toyota FT-86 Concept Tokyo 2009, 1 of 8Toyota FT-86 Concept Tokyo 2009, 2 of 8Toyota FT-86 Concept Tokyo 2009, 3 of 8Toyota FT-86 Concept Tokyo 2009, 4 of 8Toyota FT-86 Concept Tokyo 2009, 5 of 8Toyota FT-86 Concept Tokyo 2009, 6 of 8Toyota FT-86 Concept Tokyo 2009, 7 of 8Toyota FT-86 Concept Tokyo 2009, 8 of 8

Toyota FT-86 Concept, 1 of 6Toyota FT-86 Concept, 2 of 6Toyota FT-86 Concept, 3 of 6Toyota FT-86 Concept, 4 of 6Toyota FT-86 Concept, 5 of 6Toyota FT-86 Concept, 6 of 6