Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid has set a different kind of record on the Nürburgring race track. So far the achievements on the track were all about miles per hour, not miles per gallon. Toyota has just turned this tradition on its head when it took its Prius Plug-in hybrid to the famous track. It showed not only how fast the car goes, but also how little fuel it utilizes on a single lap. Behind the wheel of the car was the motoring journalist and Japanese car expert Joe Clifford. He drove an upgraded Prius with the addition of TRD parts. They are styling rather than performance elements which enhance car's visual stance.

In dry conditions he managed to achieve 698 mpg, and completed his lap in 20 minutes and 59 seconds. This figure is exceptional, because it outstrips car's official combined cycle figure of 134mpg. If we can measure the used fuel for this sprint in table spoons, than it would be just less than five.

This record was made possible due to the utilization of the technology that is development of Toyota's full hybrid system. It matches a 1.8-litre Atkinson cycle petrol engine with a compact, rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Battery's performance and outstanding energy density offer the opportunity to drive the car further and at higher speeds on electric power alone.

Prius Plug-in's achievement is another addition to Toyota's history of success at Nürburgring. Moreover, the latest test affects directly to what customers might experience with their own Prius. The story of the challenge can be viewed in the video below:

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Source: Toyota