Even if you consider yourself as a careful driver, there are some myths and beliefs, that can tell something different about you. There are people, who believe, that there is sort of connection between vehicle color and the amount of scratches. It sounds funny and superstitious, but let's see what do say these, who believe in such things about vehicle's color and the accidents. According to a research, the green color has the most damages, while other colors tend to reduce them. But let's have a look on some statistics.


The color wasn't that popular in 80's and 90's, but now it makes something as a comeback. What researchers say about this color is that you make only 9% on repairs in one year time. Good choice, keep up with the safe red finish.


Not so interesting, the grey color appears to be with more "dangerous", than the red, because of its 14% filling on one year's service work. Grey maybe matches the sensible drivers the best. Who knows.


In fact, the blue color is now with decreased popularity with its 13% of new car registrations in 2014. But the vehicles still go through some bumbs and fill a total of 18% of total repairs. Interesting.


The always modern black color is in second position with its 21% of total repairs. Some researches show that in recent years black vehicles are mostly reported to be involved in road accidents. Interesting or just coincidence?


This looks like the most unfortunate color. Vehicles with this color go for the most repairs throughout one year with their 24%.

Interesting things are the colors. In fact, it is considered, that white cars are sort of "safest", when it comes to researches like this.

So, what do you think about it? Coincidence and superstition or the vehicle's color has something to do with driver's character?