Subaru VIZIV Future ConceptFuji Heavy Industries Ltd. will unveil two concept vehicles at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015. The brand also has planned to demonstrate and new production models that would eventually be announced on October 28 for a total of ten new models of being shown.

In fact, among the concept vehicles there will be the Subaru BIZIV Future Concept that will demonstrate the direction that the brand will go by incorporating automatic driving functions and next-gen safety features. The other unique car on display will be the Impreza 5-Door Concept. It's main purpose is to demonstrate the next-gen appearance of the Impreza lineup. But let's see what has the VIZIV Concept has to offer.

Subaru VIZIV Future Concept

This Concept is a SUV machine that demonstrates a future vision over the Subaru styling. Along with the incredible features, the VIZIV also gives a glimpse of the next-gen technologies that would be incorporated in future Subaru vehicles. Only some of them are the automatic driving technology that is the result from ongoing evolution of the EyeSight and also the engine that combines a downsized turbo unit and a hybrid system.


Subaru VIZIV Future Concept

When it comes to design, Subaru went for a slightly different approach with the VIZIV. The team decided to go for the Subaru Dynamic & Solid design theme that embodies the idea for "enjoyment and peace of mind".


The body demonstrates clear and polished surface that enhances the impression of swiftness and elegance. Furthermore, the design also brings that muscular stance, thanks to the extended bumpers. And staying true to its SUV nature, there are strong motifs like the hexagonal grill and the ascending rear pillar and a dynamic and wide rear bumper that altogether contribute to the unique style of the vehicle.

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The interior on the other hand comes with symmetric lines and cutting-edge interface technology incorporated in the central power frame. The idea for active lifestyle is also incorporated by the beige and black contrast along with the use of orange as a dynamic addition and accent

Subaru VIZIV Future Concept

Subaru team also made improvements to the EyeSight stereo camera technology and enhances the quality of communications and telematics. And along with this technology, the vehicle will demonstrate high-accuaracy GPS system, collision avoidance systems and of course, the automatic drive technology.

Drivetrain system

This next-gen hybrid is of course geared with next-gen advanced drivetrain system. The combination between downsized turbo unit and hybrid system improves the overall fuel efficiency, while the driver will enjoy a smooth, linear and pleasurable ride.

Subaru VIZIV Future Concept

In fact, the downsized engine has been further enhanced and optimized in numerous dimensions. It offers compact size, light weight and net thermal efficiency that is a class-leading in the segment. And let's not forget the AWD capabilities that improves the maneuverability thanks to the vectoring effect of actively controlling front/rear driving force distribution.

So, at the end it looks like this machine really has a glimpse of the future. What do you think of it?

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