The new Volkswagen L1 Concept is a diesel-electric hybrid vehicle, which will debut at the famous-lately Frankfurt Motor show. Constructed from carbon fibre and aluminium, the revolutionary new L1 concept weight is only 380kg and it is capable of returning 189 mpg on the combined cycle while emitting just 39 g/km of CO2.

The VW L1 is designed for two occupants, which enters the vehicle through a side-hinging, electrically operated canopy. Inside, the interior is finished in aircraft-like way, the front seat is adjustable and made from carbon while the rear passenger sits in a fixed seat built into the monocoque. The rear view mirror is replaced by an organic light-emitting diode display while the main controls for the operation of the vehicle are grouped around the steering wheel.

It is time for the extraordinary part, the Volkswagen L1 Concept is powered by a tiny 800 cc two-cylinder common rail, direct injection TDI engine. In ‘ECO' mode the engine develops 27 PS at 4,000 rpm, in ‘Sport' mode this rises to 29 PS and 74 lbs ft of torque developed at 1,900 rpm.

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The 0 to 62mph sprint lasts approximately 14 seconds and the top speed of the VW concept is 99mph. Despite having only a 10-litre fuel tank the L1 Concept's incredible efficiency means that it is capable of travelling 416 miles between stops. Under normal conditions the 14 PS electric motor is inactive, only engaging when additional acceleration is required, delivering 40 per cent extra torque.  In addition, the electric motor can take over from the engine to power the L1 Concept for short distances.

The Volkswagen's concept idea is inspirated from the original 1-litre car and every element of the L1  is intended to maximise the efficiency.