The new highly efficient engine from VW, the 1.2 litre turbo petrol is now available to order for Polo, Golf and Golf Plus. VW is continuing the tradition by developing small turbo engines from the TSI range. The newest is 1.2TSI, which develops 105ps and 175Nm of toque available at only 1,500rpm. The smaller displacement grants low fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions than its "big brothers".

The same technologies, which are already used in 1.4TSI are built-in the 1.2TSI. The engine is base on aluminum crankcase. The engineers also re-tuned the direct injection to deliver better acceleration at any gear and revs.

The 1.2TSI has the tough task to beat the 1.4TSI, which is awarded three times in a row for "Engine of the Year" since 2006.

Volkswagen Polo Three-Door, 1 of 5
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