Project Kahn is due to launch of the groundbreaking Kahn Cosworth Sport 300 in your country. In a globalised world, nothing is more important than companies extending their potential and nothing exemplifies this better than our heritage and history. Project Kahn has a great deal to be proud of and it is right that we celebrate it.

A Kahn Design is committed to fostering and developing prestige vehicles and recognising the truly remarkable achievements of the past.

Cosworth, a globally recognised British brand, has employed its legendary knowledge of engineering, to tune the engine of the landmark Kahn Cosworth Sport 300.

A Kahn design is delighted to officially unveil announce the landmark Kahn Cosworth 300 after months of consultation and development.

The dream of owning an uncompromisingly designed 4x4 created by the UK's most avant-garde designer is now a reality.

Kahn Cosworth 300 Range Rover Sport, 1 of 6
Kahn Cosworth 300 Range Rover Sport, 2 of 6
Kahn Cosworth 300 Range Rover Sport, 3 of 6
Kahn Cosworth 300 Range Rover Sport, 4 of 6
Kahn Cosworth 300 Range Rover Sport, 5 of 6
Kahn Cosworth 300 Range Rover Sport, 6 of 6

Afzal Kahn said "This is taking the luxury 4x4 market to the next stage. "Our select consumers will be delighted to own distinctively styled cars with Cosworth tuned engines; they will also enjoy a great deal of motor supremacy.

"We have developed a number of prototypes and sent teasers out in the press over the past few months in order to measure reaction and we promptly compiled all the relevant data. We have taken heed of what our customers and media pundits have made of the prototype and I believe that we have answered with vigour."

As the UK's leading automotive design house, Project Kahn recognises the importance of dynamic cutting edge designs whilst staying true to the original form.

Kahn Cosworth Sport owners will certainly testify to the exuberance of passion and sumptuous beauty of Afzal Kahn's designs.

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