It will be the end of the automotive world as we know it, when the world's first 3D-printed car drives out of McCormick Place in Chicago. During the six day event of International Manufacturing Technology Show, the vehicle will be printed over 44 hours then rapidly assembled by a team led by Local Motors. Then there will be a historic first drive set that will take place in the morning of September 13th.

The car carries the name "Strati" and it will be 3D printed in one piece with the utilization of direct digital manufacturing (DDM). And this is definitely history, because for the first time this method has been used to make a car.

And if you wonder how the mechanical components such as battery, motor, wiring, and suspension will be printed, well – they won't. They will be sourced from various suppliers, including Renault's electric Twizy.

The hopes for the Strati are to change the manufacturing status quo as well as consumer's experience. It is also an example for the development of technology nowadays and how a car can be born in an entirely different way.

The innovative vehicle uses the material science and advanced manufacturing techniques pioneered at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). The 3D printing will also contribute to faster and innovative manufacturing solutions.

The machine behind this project is called BAAM, which stands for Big Area Additive Manufacturing machine. Its deposition rate of 40 pounds per hour of carbon reinforced ABS plastic and its large size allow for 3D printing of larger parts.

Strati will be displayed at AMT's Emerging Technology Center. Local Motors, is a platform, which empowers anyone to design, build, and sell machines. It combines global co-creation and local micro-manufacturing to bring hardware innovations faster to the market. The Company is created by community of enthusiasts, hobbyist innovators and professionals which have gathered together to solve complex mechanical problems. Currently, Local Motors have plans to launch production-level 3D-printed vehicles for purchase from the general public. This will probably happen several months after the show.

Video Source: YouTube

Source: Local Motors