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cloth vs leather – 8 factors to consider

Cloth vs Leather – 8 Factors to Consider

At some point in your life you will probably will have to make decision: Cloth or leather upholstery in your new car. On some lower-priced vehicles you might be stuck with cloth since leather may not be an option. But for the majority of today’s vehicles, you get to choose between the two. So, which way are you going to go? This article includes 8 factors you should consider when choosing. 1: Hot Weather Perhaps the biggest beef against leather is how hot it gets in the summer. Here’s a fact: If you leave t

why you need a pop-up tent trailer!

Why You Need a Pop-up Tent Trailer!

Going to a campground or state park and pitching your tent is the popular way to go camping. It’s easy and it’s inexpensive, but it isn’t usually very comfortable.  You know, inflating the air mattress, stashing your gear and getting changed. All this isn’t much fun in a tent. If you want to take it up a notch in comfort level, you should consider a tent trailer. They are a great alternative to traditional tent camping and are becoming very popular.  And you don’t have to buy one, lots of

gas prices are going to remain low

Gas Prices Are Going to Remain Low

Where you a car owner or driver when gasoline price hit $4 per gallon a decade or so ago? If so, you probably remember that mass hysteria that hit the country. Some of the media were saying things about “the good times being over” and gas prices were going up much further. And staying there. Overnight, the “conventional wisdom” of people being more or less unconcerned about petroleum costs shifted to a new mindset. It was no longer smart to drive gas-thirsty trucks and SUVs. As matter of

photographing your old ride

Photographing Your Old Ride

So, you have decided to get a new car. Congratulations, a new car is one of life’s real treats. If you are driving an old car, though, you have a decision to make; do you trade in your old ride or try to sell it yourself. If you decide to go the former route, chances are you are going to put it on Ebay or Craigslist and this means that you will need a bunch of photos to accompany the listing. The way to lose money The problem with most private sellers, though, is they don’t take very g

six automobiles that played central roles in movies

Six Automobiles That Played Central Roles in Movies

For a lot of us, the love of classic cars starts on the silver screen. It’s the 1969 Ford Mustang in Fast & Furious 6, Doc Brown’s DeLorean DMC-12 from Back to The Future, or Harrison Ford’s 1955 Chevy from American Graffiti. All these cars played central roles in the films they appeared in. While many theater-

best cars for college students

Best Cars for College Students

Does your son or daughter need a car while they are away at college? Of course, they want to have one, but do they really “need” one? In all fairness, the answer to this question really hinges on where the school is and what kind of school it is. In most metropolitan areas, for example, automobiles are rarely needed and may actually be a nuisance due to parking issues. At more rural schools, having a car on campus might be more than a want; it could be a time saver just getting around campus

three differences between past and modern-day engines

Three Differences Between Past and Modern-Day Engines

We spoke with the Service Manager at Thompson Hyundai in Baltimore, MD, and we were provided with a few ways engines have evolved through the years: Increased efficiency In today’s automotive worldwide have a lot of technologies that make engines efficient. For example, fuel injectionmixes the fuel and the ai

subaru impreza wrx vs sti

Subaru Impreza WRX vs STi

The hottest kid in town, the coolest guy on the block. Unbeatable. And then what happens, to completely ruin your day? 'Subaru' go and introduce, a new one. The launch, of any car, that enjoys the kind of, cult status, enjoyed but the 'Impreza Turbo', is one tense moment. Get it right, the world will love you. Get it wrong, well, I'll call you some very nasty names. So, let's establish right from the start; they haven't got it wrong at 'Subaru'. 0:54There's nothing wrong wi