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the first challenger

The First Challenger

Mention the words “Dodge Challenger” to any gearhead and they will likely break into a big smile and pontificate about the Chrysler-built muscle cars of the late 1960s. Or, perhaps about the awesome Hellcat Dodge Challenger built in just the last few years. Ask them about the first Dodge Challenger, however, and you will probably get an “I’m not sure about that one.” This is because few know that the first Dodge Challenger was a special car built almost a decade before the muscle cars of the

a short history of the dodge charger

A Short History of the Dodge Charger

Today, the Seventh Generation of the Dodge Charger is reestablishing itself as one of Detroit’s most significant muscle cars. Let’s take a look at the journey that the Charger has traveled and its current state as one of the most sought-after muscle cars. The first was a concept car The first Charger was a concept car built by Dodge in 1946. It was built to introduce the company’s new 426 HEMI engine to the public. While this powerful Charger sedan did get noticed by the press, it didn

deegan 38 wrangler armor giveaway | enter daily!

Deegan 38 Wrangler Armor Giveaway | ENTER DAILY!

Exclusive to Extreme Terrain, Deegan 38 Jeep Wrangler parts for 2007-2018 JK Wranglers and 2018 JL Wranglers are derived from an exciting partnership with freestyle motocross and off-road racing legend Brian Deegan. With this exciting new partnership, comes an exciting new Wrangler parts giveaway appropriately titled: “Deegan 38 Wrangler Armor Giveaway”. The action-oriented Deegan 38 line is a collection of top-quality, unique products created with the serious off-roader in mind. All Deegan 38 products are m

urban pollution before cars

Urban Pollution Before Cars

Today, cars and their internal combustion engines are the villains in the tale of air pollution and noise. And few would argue that living in the city means these noxious attributes are even worse. Wouldn’t it be nice it would be if we could go back to the good old days when horses carried people and freight around? A time when city streets had quaint cobblestones and the air was breezy and fresh. Life would be better then, or so they say, says Leckner Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of King George,

when car radios were evil

When Car Radios Were Evil

Today, the most frowned upon activity to pursue when driving is texting. Although some still do it, we all know that texting takes your eyes and mind off the road; a situation which can lead to accidents or even death. Ready for some déjà vu? This situation is almost identical to the time when car radios were first developed. As you will read, some states actually had “anti-radio laws” on the books. The history of car radios Our technical consultant at Leckner Chevrolet of Woodstock,

i only use my car 5% of the time?

I Only Use My Car 5% of the Time?

Have you ever come across the factoid that cars only get used 5% of the time you have them. In other words, 95% of the time your car is parked doing nothing. Seems a little exaggerated doesn’t it? And who exactly came up with this number? As it turns out, several firms have calculated this number and they all do it differently. For those that enjoy a little math with your car articles, here’s the story. Method #1 Method #1 comes from the Royal Automobile Club (RAC). The RAC has a fo

henry’s soybean car

Henry’s Soybean Car

Back in 2011, Ford announced that some of the seating materials in their new cars and trucks would be made from soybeans. What few people know is that Henry Ford (the 1st) would be quite pleased with this. That’s because Ford, having grown up on a farm just outside of Dearborn, was a big supporter of any initiative that benefitted those in agriculture and farming. As matter of fact, Henry designed a car in the early 1940s with an early type of plastic that was made from soybeans. We spoke wi

electric vehicles and raw material ethical issues

Electric Vehicles and Raw Material Ethical Issues

In case there is any doubt, the benefits of using electric vehicles for transportation and freight are becoming quite apparent. Let’s start with the fact that electric vehicles are cheaper to use (in the long run) and their operation is emission-free. Plus, riding in an electric vehicle is eerily quiet, almost peaceful. Attributes like this are some of the reasons that the demand for these vehicles is ramping up dramatically. With electric vehicles, there’s not a lot of negatives. Rare materials However,