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henry’s soybean car

Henry’s Soybean Car

Back in 2011, Ford announced that some of the seating materials in their new cars and trucks would be made from soybeans. What few people know is that Henry Ford (the 1st) would be quite pleased with this. That’s because Ford, having grown up on a farm just outside of Dearborn, was a big supporter of any initiative that benefitted those in agriculture and farming. As matter of fact, Henry designed a car in the early 1940s with an early type of plastic that was made from soybeans. We spoke wi

electric vehicles and raw material ethical issues

Electric Vehicles and Raw Material Ethical Issues

In case there is any doubt, the benefits of using electric vehicles for transportation and freight are becoming quite apparent. Let’s start with the fact that electric vehicles are cheaper to use (in the long run) and their operation is emission-free. Plus, riding in an electric vehicle is eerily quiet, almost peaceful. Attributes like this are some of the reasons that the demand for these vehicles is ramping up dramatically. With electric vehicles, there’s not a lot of negatives. Rare materials However,

must have items to keep in your car

Must Have Items to Keep in Your Car

There are certain items that every driver should have in their car, at all times. When you are driving, you never know when an emergency might occur to you or perhaps others. If one occurs, you are going to want to have some of these items. Why accept the risk, especially when you may have family onboard with you in your car. Jumper cables – Let’s start with the most common item. The reality of owning a vehicle is that at some point your battery is going to die. When this happens, you wil

airbags – what you should know

Airbags – What You Should Know

The concept of the airbag, a soft pillow to land against during a crash, had been around for many years before anyone thought of using them in cars. In fact, the first patent on an inflatable crash-landing device for aircraft was actually filed during World War II.  None were made during the war and it wasn’t until the 1980s that the technology migrated into the automotive industry. The early automotive airbag designs were impractical and expensive. The main concern for design engineers w

how many cars

How Many Cars

In this article, we thought we’d dig up some interesting facts about the number of cars that are currently being driven on our planet. We think you will be surprised by the magnitude. And the interesting part isn’t just the number of cars currently in use, it’s the velocity of increase. For more details, read on. Today, how many cars are on the road? Determining the total number on cars driven in the world is an inexact science but some firms have given it a shot. According to our tech

facts about the presidential state limousine

Facts About the Presidential State Limousine

In case you ever wondered, the limousines that have been used by American presidents over the years are not by any stretch ordinary vehicles. While the early presidential limousines were mildly-modified Cadillacs and Lincolns, today’s presidential limousines are so heavily modified that only a tiny fraction of each vehicle comes from the original car manufacturer. The rest is custom made by authorized military contractors and other 3-party suppliers. Want to learn more? With the assistance of King Chevrolet Bui

four forgotten muscle cars

Four Forgotten Muscle Cars

Ford Torino GT The Ford Torino was produced from 1968 and 1976. Most were conventional cars destined for general transportation use. In 1968 with the Muscle Car horsepower race escalating, however, Ford introduced its all-new 428-cubic inch Cobra Jet engine and made it available in its Torino GT. With 335 hp, the potent 428 Cobra Jet offered a huge leap in power over the smaller 390-cube V8, which was the largest engine in 1967. The GT was available as a 2-door SportsRoof (hardtop) and co

the inexpensive supercar

The Inexpensive Supercar

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, a supercar is a type of exotic sports car which is made in relatively low numbers and offers ultra-high performance. Some of the more common names are McLaren, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Ferrari and Koenigsegg. Each of these companies make their own distinctive supercars but they all share something in common: outrageous price tags. Most supercars will set you back several hundred thousand bucks and some of the elite models can even crest one million or