asi green prius final design

ASI GREEN Prius final design

ASI tuning is ready with the final front design of their eco-tuning project – Toyota Prius, US-version. The new and more sporty body kit will be launched under the also new ASI junior brand – asi GREEN - really soon. The asi GREEN Prius body kit is set to provide better aerodynamics and more aggressive vision to the eco-friendly vehicle. Unfortunately, the price of the fresh body kit is still unknown.

ASI Prius - coming soon

Surprisingly, the high-end car tuner - ASI Corp. is tweaking a body kit design for the eco-friendly Toyota Prius. More aggressive, aerodynamic and sporty, the ASI visual kit will try to satisfy the consumers demand for eco tuning and styling. No doubt that the new ASI visual kit will improve the aerodynamics and provide better performance and economy for the already eco-booming Prius. Reminder! - parallel with the development of the Prius body kit, ASI is certainly working on a aero kit f

asi ferrari 458 italia - first rendering

ASI Ferrari 458 Italia - first rendering

Satoshi Kondo - ASI Corp. CEO announced that they are certainly working on a body kit for Ferrari’s hot new 458 Italia. Still tweaking the design, ASI is already offering us two rendered images of possible designs. No doubt, the renderings are looking pretty impressive. Subtle and even more sporty, the new ASI custom body kit design remains benefit mysterious. But hey, we can still guess...right?

ferrari f430 by asi - photo shoot update!

FERRARI F430 by ASI - Photo Shoot Update!

ASI proudly announces the culmination of our first major project outside of the Bentley Continental series: the ASI Ferrari F430 body kit and performance line-up. Applying expert Japanese technical analysis, careful testing and a truly imaginative and spirited design is not only our business, it’s our passion. Thoroughly tested both around the city and around the track, we are confident that we are releasing what will quickly become the tuning world’s most important Ferrari F430 body kit. Comprised of