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As we know the TT-RS is a very special model in Audi’s line-up. With its five cylinders, four wheels drive and plenty of horsepower, the ultimate TT-RS sports coupe possesses the same magical combination of qualities as the legendary ”Ur-Quattro”. Audi TT-RS stock engine produces 340 hp and 332 lb/ft of torque, which makes the timer stop at 4.6 seconds for the classical 0-60 mph sprint. AVUS PERFORMANCE took Audi’s ultimate sports coupe performance at the next level. The specialists a

avus performance nissan gt-r - the batmobile reloaded

AVUS PERFORMANCE Nissan GT-R - the Batmobile Reloaded

The Berlin tuner AVUS PERFORMANCE revealed its latest ambitious project - Nissan GT-R – Batmobile Reloaded. Based on the rare (480 cars for Europe) Nissan GT-R Black Edition, AVUS PERFORMANCE has refined the vehicle from top to bottom. Due to a modified ECU and special new exhaust pipe, the AVUS GT-R performance n

AVUS PERFORMANCE Audi Q7 - A slightly different SUV

The Audi Q7 - better known as a Sport Utility Vehicle - is one of those cars you cannot ignore. Basically it is very comfortable and safe together and it doesn't matter whether it is the family man or woman driving it. It is the counterpart for all those estate and saloon cars Audi offers. Nevertheless there is still p

avus performance mercedes-benz c63 amg – a wolf in sheep's clothing

AVUS PERFORMANCE Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG – A wolf in sheep's clothing

After the latest two publications from AVUS PERFORMANCE they are now showing that they are modifying not only cars from Ingolstadt. Their latest project car is a complete conversion based on the current Mercedes C63 AMG. Understatement was something the tuner has focussed on again. Besides the original 19" AMG multi-spoke wheels (20" optionally) first thing that stands out is the lower suspension setting which has been achieved by changing the

todays batmobile: avus performance audi a5 matt black

Todays Batmobile: AVUS PERFORMANCE Audi A5 matt black

AVUS PERFORMANCE from Berlin who recently released its Audi RS6 have now revealed its latest project. For the current Audi A5 they have not only concentrated on eye-catching modifications. The installed KW coilovers V3 with adjustable compression and rebound dampening improve the driving abilities of the A5 a lot. Far

avus performance audi rs6

AVUS Performance Audi RS6

With its 580bhp and an impressive 650Nm ( 479.35 lb/ft) of torque the actual Audi RS6 is the perfect symbiosis of an estate and a super car. For AVUS Performance, based in Berlin, that starting basis was not enough. As the importer for Sportec products in Germany they equipped the RS6 with a new high performance exhaust system with a diameter of 70mm, racing catalysts and a new ECU software. The maximum power increased up to 700bhp and an astonishing 800Nm (589.97 lb/ft ) of torque are now