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mcchip-dkr News

mcchip-dkr are known as one of the pioneers in the electronic performance tuning area. They always develops individual-precise programs for each vehicle because of the different performance characteristics. This time mcchip-dkr achieved increase of the torque over the entire speed range of the factory C-Class, from 136HP/270Nm(serial output)  to 170HP/350Nm(with engine optimization software). The optimized "special" model of the C-Class is named "White Series" and the conversion price is 579 euro. For perfec

If the new Audi TT RS with 340 horsepower turbocharged isn't powerful enough for you, the tuners at mcchip-dkr are already prepared with a performance upgrade package. A quick tune that has been priced at 899 euro adds another 40HP - the total output of the 2.5 TSI to (Level 1) 380hp and 550Nm or of torque. (Level 2: 4