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carbon motors releases creative interior solution for the iconic mercedes e500

Carbon Motors Releases Creative Interior Solution for the Iconic Mercedes E500

The latest project of the tuning experts at Carbon Motors is based on the Mercedes-Benz E500 W124, which was released in the distant 1990. The model is iconic for Mercedes because it was produced in close collaboration with Porsche and was actually hand-built by both brands. It features only four seats and the assembly of only one car took 18 days. Another interesting fact about the E500, is that it is driven by a naturally aspirated 5.0L V8 engine that was derived from the 500 SL R129 roadster.

vÄth has a power package for open-top mercedes-benz e500

VÄTH Has a Power Package for Open-Top Mercedes-Benz E500

Mercedes-Benz E500 Cabriolet has just received a special treatment by the specialists at VÄTH. The so called power package has been specifically created for the open-top German vehicle. The black E500 Cabrio also got interesting exterior modifications as well as some goodies for its interior. Is This Really a Power Package? The answer is definitely “YES”, since this car has been taken out from its stock configuration. The first thing we should praise is the top speed extension, thanks to w

m&d exclusive cardesign transforms mercedes-benz e500 coupe

M&D Exclusive Cardesign Transforms Mercedes-Benz E500 Coupe

M&D Exclusive Carstyling has presented to us a complete conversion done on the Mercedes-Benz E500 Coupe. The Mercedes is powered by the classical 5.5 litre V8 engine. The main highlight of this conversion is the multi-part PD850 Black Edition wide body construction kit. In addition to the front of the coupe were also added front bumper bar, engine hood attachment, a set of completely new fenders and a front spoiler lip painted in red. The connection between the front and the rear was

VATH E500 Coupe V50S - unique and aggressive

VATH E500 Coupe V50S is the name of the latest project engineered by the famous Mercedes-Benz cars tuner VATH Automobiltechnik. Clearly, the basis of the new retrofitted high-performance ride is the current Mercedes-Benz E500 Coupe, a four-seat, two-door, coupe distinguished by stellar design, matchless comfort and sporty driving performance. Packed with the specially developed VATH efficiency package V50S (8,211 Euro) the performance output of the E500’s V8 stock powerplant rises to the stro

lumma design e50 clr

LUMMA Design E50 CLR

LUMMA E 50 CLR is a special edition vehicle that comes straight from the LUMMA Design’s garrage. Based on the stellar and frequently refined Mercedes-Benz E-Class W212, the LUMMA E 50 CLR combines both visual and capacity enhancements. As we can see from the pictures below, the LUMMA E 50 CLR refined exterior looks perfect. The LUMMA Design’s CLR bodykit is consist of: front spoiler bumper with integrated daylights, unobstrusive side skirts, sport fender with integrated vents, lip spoiler

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate

From November 2009, Mercedes-Benz is launching the Estate version as another highly distinctive member of the E-Class family. Like the Saloon and Coupé, the Estate, which is available now, combines unique design with leadership in safety, comfort, quality and practicality. The new E-Class marks the debut of a number of technical innovations which no other car in the world in this category is able to offer - from drowsiness detection to automatic emergency braking when an accident is recognised a

brabus mercedes e-class - exclusive tuning program

BRABUS Mercedes E-Class - Exclusive Tuning Program

Concurrent with the market launch of the new Mercedes E-Class of the W 212 model series, BRABUS presents an exclusive tuning program for the new sedan. Highlights in the product lineup are the BRABUS 6.1 displacement engine with 462 hp (456 bhp)  / 340 kW for the E 500 (E550 in the US), a sporty yet elegant aerodynamic-enhancement program, light-alloy wheels with diameters of up to 20 inches, matching suspension solutions, a high-performance brake system and exclusive interior upgrades. All comp