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lexus is about to unveil a new lc beauty! details here!

Lexus is about to unveil a new LC beauty! Details here!

Lexus extends its LC flagship coupe range with a dramatic open-top version of the vehicle. Visitors at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed will witness the world debut of a convertible prototype machine. Something more, the new family member will also participate in the famous hill climb challenge. This model will t

is there any chance to get a used car with no flaws?

Is there any chance to get a used car with no flaws?

This is the real question. What are the chances you to buy a used car with no repairs needed? It’s something all of us are afraid of, saving money to buy a car, and when we finally find the one that meets all our requirements, we purchase it, and on the way back, it stops. You paid for something that doesn’t w

aston martin showcases new db11 volante at a special event!

Aston Martin showcases new DB11 Volante at a special event!

Aston Martin team will once again become the official partner of the Henley Royal Regatta, which will be taking place from 3rd until the 7th of July. One of the most notable British events in the summer calendar, Henley Royal Regatta manages to attract numerous of visitors every year. Proudly announcing its partnership achievements, Aston Martin will also showcase the latest DB11 Volante throughout the event. Furthermore, the skilled craftsmen

alfa romeo presents new racing limited edition vehicles. check 'em out!

Alfa Romeo presents new Racing Limited Edition vehicles. Check 'em out!

This weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed audience will witness the unveiling of a new Alfa Romeo Racing Limited Edition vehicle. Created in honor of brand’s return to the world of Formula 1, the lineup is limited to mere 10 Giulia Qadrifoglio and three Stelvio Qadrifoglio machines. Let’s check out more, shall we? Let’s start with the drivetrain system. Under the bonnet of the exclusive machines the engineers have managed to put an agile 2.9-l

lexus announces details for the upcoming ls 500 inspiration edition

Lexus announces details for the upcoming LS 500 Inspiration Edition

2020 Lexus LS 500 Inspiration Series comes with a new limited run of vehicles with an eye-catching exterior and cozy interior all along with a functional and efficient drivetrain system. The fourth Inspiration Series generation, LS 500 is also the first sedan to get an exclusive treatment. It starts with the already mentioned exterior body concept and a new exclusive Deep Garnet body finish. The vibrant color is complimented by standard 20-inc

how to spot the best honda service center watertown ny   

How To Spot The Best Honda Service Center Watertown NY  

Only a Honda car owner understands the importance of having the best Honda service center. A great Honda service center, however, must not only be able to provide car services, but also cater to the needs of a Honda car owner. So, if you are looking for the best Honda service center particularly in Watertown, New York,

things you probably don’t know about ford f-150

Things you probably don’t know about Ford F-150

People love the Ford F-150. Why? Well, they have plenty of reasons to do it considering that only in 2016 around 800.000 were sold only in the USA. If you don’t own an F-150 chances are you have driven one or you plan to do it. You have probably seen in movies the classic models of F-150, but you probably don’t know that the first model was launched in the ’70. Even if Ford F-150 dominates the USA’ streets, people still have plenty to learn about it. F-150 is relatively young in comparison with the other F-series

the mazda3: the latest and greatest to come to malaysia 

The Mazda3: The Latest and Greatest To Come To Malaysia 

According to the Malaysian Automotive Association, Mazda cars came in sixth place in the top ten when it came to last year's sales figures. However, in 2019, a new Mazda is sure to take the country by storm - the Mazda3. Complete with innovative technology and flawless features and design, this fourth generation Mazda

bentley reveals exp 100 gt at the day of its 100th anniversary! [video]

Bentley reveals EXP 100 GT at the day of its 100th anniversary! [VIDEO]

Bentley Motors will reveal the future of grand touring on 10th of July, 2019 – on brand’s official 100th birthday! The physical embodiment of the Bentley brand and a commemorate to Bentley’s notable anniversary, EXP 100 GT will proudly make its debut. This is a zero-emission concept automobile that will inspire all drivers and artist through a masterful blend of technology and craftsmanship. Bentley EXP 100 GT will also showcase tons of inn

bentley and rhys millen break the record at pikes peaks again!

Bentley and Rhys Millen break the record at Pikes Peaks again!

Bentley Continental GT has defended its positions as the fines Grand Tourer ever produced by braking the record with a production car at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb even. Driven by the three-time champion, former “King of the Mountain” Rhys Millen (NZ), the Continental GT has managed to conquer the 12.42-mile course in mere 10:18.488, which is 8.4 seconds faster than the previous best time. All this was achieved with an average spe

spoiler alert! 2020 cadillac xt6 is heading our way! first details are here!

Spoiler alert! 2020 Cadillac XT6 is heading our way! First details are here!

2020 Cadillac XT6 comes with neat exterior design and tons of advanced functions and engineering solutions. The key phrase is attention to detail. And we all should agree that new Cadi family member is surely a piece of art. Something more, it builds on the strong foundation that the brand has created throughout decades and pushes boundaries even further. Let’s check out more! Some of the new design features include front and rear revised face

although ugly, new honda e brings neat balance between agility and comfort

Although ugly, new Honda e brings neat balance between agility and comfort

New Honda e has been created in order to deliver exceptional driving experience in urban area. Although the vehicle has nothing in common with its more advanced and premium siblings, this small and agile bad boy has a lot to demonstrate. Honda e is equipped with a high-power electric motor that delivers a total of 150hp and impressive torque peak, measured at 300Nm. There’s also a 35.5kWh battery, which is considered as one of the most compact