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the 2023 bmw ix m60 – the best of three worlds: i, x, and m

The 2023 BMW iX M60 – the best of three worlds: i, X, and M

BMW announced their first high-performance SAV designed for purely electric mobility. The even more powerful variant of its technology flagship: the 2023 BMW iX M60.  With a total system output of up to 610 bhp and 811 lb-ft of torque (when Launch Control is activated), and a unique M-enhanced adaptive dual-axle air suspension, it adds an outstanding performance experience to the world of emission-free driving. By integrating a vehicle con

how does a ford dealership in oklahoma city impress today's clients

How Does A Ford Dealership In Oklahoma City Impress Today's Clients

When shopping for a Ford, most people tend to focus on which model is the ideal option for their lifestyle. That is an essential component of the purchasing process. Still, other aspects of the buying process ultimately equate to the perfect sales experience, and these generally have nothing to do with the vehicle's model necessarily. Ultimately a reputable, well-established dealership like Hudiburg Ford will determine whether you find the

vision eqxx – taking electric range and efficiency to an entirely new level

Vision EQXX – taking electric range and efficiency to an entirely new level

Range and efficiency are set to define the electric era. Exceptional range will make electric cars suitable for every journey and help to increase overall adoption. Reduced battery size and weight will improve efficiency, allowing us to go further with less. Mercedes-Benz is determined to lead the way. We are already leading the way in terms of real-world range with the EQS with 245 kW, as evidenced by the recent Edmunds test where an EQS

5 short and long-term effects of a car crash

5 Short And Long-Term Effects Of A Car Crash

No matter how hard you try to be a defensive and safe driver, there are instances when accidents are simply inevitable. Once you hit the road, the risk of an accident is already there. If you’re fortunate enough, the effects of your accident aren’t that serious. In some instances, however, the effects can be fatal and lasting. As soon as the accident happens, you need to seek immediate care. Even when you don’t have apparent physical injuries, remember that not all injuries are physical. Getting a record fro

automotive tech: essential life-saving car technologies in use today

Automotive Tech: Essential Life-Saving Car Technologies in Use Today

Western society has evolved to a point where most people who live and work within their communities rely heavily on their vehicles. But motor vehicles are actually one of the more deadly modes of transportation, as well as being the most common form of travel today. Over 1.35 million people lose their lives on the road each year. To put this in better perspective, this is the equivalent of approximately 3,700 people each day. Fortunatel

safe driving: safety advice for driving during peak travel seasons

Safe Driving: Safety Advice for Driving During Peak Travel Seasons

Throughout the year, there are several times where people hit the roads in large numbers. These are often referred to as peak travel times. And if you want to stay safe, you’ll need to be prepared. Though each and every year the news media reports “record-breaking road travel” or “record-breaking numbers” of people on the roadways, regardless, every year there are numerous accidents and fatalities during peak travel seasons. Strict adhe

limited carbon fiber edition, colossal power: 2022 toyota gr supra

Limited Carbon Fiber Edition, Colossal Power: 2022 Toyota GR Supra

The fifth generation GR Supra shook the automotive world when it arrived on the scene in 2019. It put pure driving fun above all else with a focus on performance specs and relentless track testing. For 2022, a special A91-Carbon Fiber (CF) Edition joins the lineup. Limited to just 600 vehicles, this special edition is the most exclusive Mark V Supra to date. It offers all the style, performance and technology that drivers expect, with an o

2022 nio et5

2022 Nio ET5

Today in Suzhou, China, at NIO Day 2021, NIO unveiled ET5, its new mid-size smart electric sedan. Blending performance with the luxury of space and the joy of driving, NIO’s most compact car to date features a pure and precise exterior with the concept of a cossetting second living space inside. Sporting exterior ET5’s pure and precise exterior design evokes NIO’s supercar DNA and the concept of “Design for Autonomous Driving”. While drawing on the fluid silhouette of ET7, the organic line

6 crucial car safety tips to keep your child safe

6 Crucial Car Safety Tips to Keep Your Child Safe

With 12 children under the age of 10 being injured or dying every day due to car accidents, ensuring your child’s safety is of utmost importance. Read on for six tips for keeping your child safe in the car. 1.   Install proper car seats and restraints The first step to ensuring that your child is safe while driving is fitting a proper child car seat, restraints, or boosters from Diono. To choose the right car seat for your child, consider their height, age, and weight. You should also ensure that you select a

8 tips to kickstart your auto dealership online this year

8 Tips to Kickstart Your Auto Dealership Online This Year

Online marketplaces and product feed grow in popularity with each passing day. It's easy to see why — they make it easy for dealerships to market their business online and sell cars efficiently, thus increasing their bottom line. However, if your dealership isn't leveraging these tools already, you're likely losing

this is ken block's audi s1 hoonitron

This is Ken Block's Audi S1 Hoonitron

It instantly brings back memories of the legendary Audi Sport quattro S1 with which the four rings used to charge to the summit in the famous Pikes Peak Hill Climb event, aka the “Race To The Clouds:” Audi is presenting the Audi S1 e-tron quattro Hoonitron that it has exclusively and uniquely developed for American drift artist Ken Block. This all-electric one-of-a-kind car will be the protagonist in a new video that Block is producing together with his team for release in the next few month

2022 toyota prius prime: ev-hybrid harmony

2022 Toyota Prius Prime: EV-Hybrid Harmony

Take the world’s best-selling hybrid, add on a no-gas EV mode when charged, top it off with Toyota value and durability and you have the Prius Prime. With an astounding 640-mile driving range, the Prius Prime takes everything people love about the legendary hybrid vehicle and adds an estimated 25 miles of EV driving range (when fully charged) — that’s sufficient to handle daily commuting distances for many U.S. drivers. Aside from the capability of silent, battery-powered driving, Prius Prime’s fuel efficien