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In the Auto News Category on Automobiles Review you will find everything that has been published on a daily basis: from various production cars to tunings and concepts. Here you can also easily browse through all previously published articles.

Auto News

hyundai showcases latest tucson suv: it is just unveiled at the new york show

Hyundai Showcases latest Tucson SUV: it is just unveiled at the New York Show

Audience at the 2018 New York International Auto Show has witnessed the unveiling of the latest Hyundai Tucson – one of brand’s most popular and prominent models. Designed and built in Europe, this compact SUV enters the competition with confidence, tons of features and refined drivetrain system. So, let’s check out some more! Drivetrain and convenience features The Tucson can be specified with two diesel and two petrol engines. All of thes

vw team showcases atlas tanoak concept at the new york show

VW team showcases Atlas Tanoak Concept at the New York Show

Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Concept was just revealed at the New York International Auto Show and showcases VW’s pickup, based on the MQB architecture. Geared with a massive power unit and offering tons of utility and technological features, the Tanoak surely has caught the eye of show’s audience. Named after species of tree that grows in Pacific Coast in US, Atlas Concept is one large vehicle: 214.1 inches long and 79.9 inches wide and 72.6 inche

gas prices are going to remain low

Gas Prices Are Going to Remain Low

Where you a car owner or driver when gasoline price hit $4 per gallon a decade or so ago? If so, you probably remember that mass hysteria that hit the country. Some of the media were saying things about “the good times being over” and gas prices were going up much further. And staying there. Overnight, the “conventional wisdom” of people being more or less unconcerned about petroleum costs shifted to a new mindset. It was no longer smart to drive gas-thirsty trucks and SUVs. As matter of

photographing your old ride

Photographing Your Old Ride

So, you have decided to get a new car. Congratulations, a new car is one of life’s real treats. If you are driving an old car, though, you have a decision to make; do you trade in your old ride or try to sell it yourself. If you decide to go the former route, chances are you are going to put it on Ebay or Craigslist and this means that you will need a bunch of photos to accompany the listing. The way to lose money The problem with most private sellers, though, is they don’t take very g

six automobiles that played central roles in movies

Six Automobiles That Played Central Roles in Movies

For a lot of us, the love of classic cars starts on the silver screen. It’s the 1969 Ford Mustang in Fast & Furious 6, Doc Brown’s DeLorean DMC-12 from Back to The Future, or Harrison Ford’s 1955 Chevy from American Graffiti. All these cars played central roles in the films they appeared in. While many theater-

best cars for college students

Best Cars for College Students

Does your son or daughter need a car while they are away at college? Of course, they want to have one, but do they really “need” one? In all fairness, the answer to this question really hinges on where the school is and what kind of school it is. In most metropolitan areas, for example, automobiles are rarely needed and may actually be a nuisance due to parking issues. At more rural schools, having a car on campus might be more than a want; it could be a time saver just getting around campus

jaguar f-pace svr showcases refinement and agility. it is worth the check out!

Jaguar F-PACE SVR showcases refinement and agility. It is worth the check out!

The F-PACE lineup, awarded with numerous prestigious awards, expands the family members with a new model. In Jaguar’s own words, this is by far the most powerful and agile unit they have produced. And given that it is shaped by Special Vehicle Operations team, we tend to believe the team. In terms of styling, we do see a rather convincing version of the F-PACE machine. It is muscular, confident and elegant. Surely, Jaguar team hasn’t disappoin

2019 audi rs 5 sportback revealed! details here!

2019 Audi RS 5 Sportback revealed! Details here!

Audi Sport team launches the latest RS model: Audi RS 5 Sportback. Making its debut at the New York show, the new family member has tons of features to talk about. And given that we live in a time of great competition between rivals, there is a lot to expect from this bad boy. So, let’s check out what is going on here, shall we? Exterior design Pure Audi styling: RS 5 Sportback adopts all distinctive features that the brand is known for and adds a bit more of sporty kick. Resembling Audi 90 quattro IMSA GTO,

infiniti presents limited models at the new york show pt.2

Infiniti presents limited models at the New York Show pt.2

As you might have remembered from part 1 of this review, we are looking what is happening in the INFINITI camp at the New York show. By far we have revealed the new QX60 LIMITED and we are quite happy with the final result. And now it is time to check out the bigger one – QX80 LIMITED. Exterior and interior styling

manhart team presents the mh4 550: a thunder in red and white!

MANHART team presents the MH4 550: a thunder in red and white!

MANHART Performance has finally made a step forward. As you might remember, the tuning team has already revealed an impressive MH4 550, based on the BMW M4 F82 and now the time is right to showcase its latest project: MH4 550. Taking technology and refinement even further, we do witnes a rather incredible machine. We will get straightforward to the drivetrain system. To be honest, the power unit is not that different from the predecessor m

infiniti presents limited models at the new york show pt.1

Infiniti presents limited models at the New York Show pt.1

INIFINITI team is about to unveil two exclusive models: 2019 INFINITI QX60 LIMITED and 2019 INFINITI QX80 LIMITED. These sweethearts will be showcased at the New York International Auto Show and would showcase how INFINITI team has managed to maintain its positions as one of the leading manufacturers in the segment. So

volkswagen team put 2019 touareg to the ultimate challenge!

Volkswagen team put 2019 Touareg to the ultimate challenge!

This is not a thing that you would see every day. A vehicle that has travelled tens of thousands miles in order to attend to its own world premiere? Piece of cake. Or, at least it is, for Volkswagen team. What has happened is that the latest Touareg was put to an ordeal – it has travelled from Bratislava to Beijing and as it seems has done it in such a way that astonished even sceptics. So, let’s find out more, shall we? For a total of three w