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mercedes team showcases the new a-class models

Mercedes team showcases the new A-Class models

Mercedes-Benz announces further details for the anticipated 2018 A-Class. In fact, there are a total of three sub-models that would try to please all byer requirements. With relatively affordable prices these three machines will continue brand’s trials to stay on the top of food chain. So, let’s take a closer look, shall we? Utility features Every one of three models comes with tons of standard features. For example, the entry-level SE offers twin seven-inch displays, central touch screen section and MBUX multime

lexus teases the sexy 300h f sport black edition right before geneva show!

Lexus teases the sexy 300h F Sport Black Edition right before Geneva Show!

RC 300h F Sport is almost here and we are lucky enough to get a glimpse of its beauty. With athletic stance and menacing expression the latest Lexus machine will definitely be one of the coolest at the Geneva Motor Snow. In fact, this is a special Black Edition that emphasizes on both looks and performance. It features wide range of revised exterior and interior details, all along with empowered and refined drivetrain system. What we see here

sexiness unleashed: mclaren senna carbon edition to debut at geneva show

Sexiness unleashed: McLaren Senna Carbon Edition to debut at Geneva Show

McLaren Senna will definitely raise the heartbeat at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. With its exclusive Visual Carbon Fiber body kit and the McLaren Special Operations design team the vehicle demonstrates how a contemporary sportscar should look like. Created of a total of 67 individual parts, the body set required more than1,000 hours to be produced. And given that it is also functional and not only visually appealing, this design project woul

genesis reveals five killer celebrity vehicles: check 'em out!

Genesis reveals five killer celebrity vehicles: check 'em out!

Just for the 90th Academy Awards, Genesis will unveil five unique G90 Special Edition flagship sedans. The premiere will also continue with demonstrating them to the Oscars weekend audience. What has caught our attention is the reason that these vehicles are presented at such prestigious events. They are meant to be the transportation vehicle for award nominees and influencers. Neat! And as expected, these machines deliver increased levels of

elextra team reveals plans for delivering next-gen electric engines

ELEXTRA team reveals plans for delivering next-gen electric engines

Elextra team is about to reveal a so-called revolutionary electric power unit that would produce large amounts of power output, but at the same time would remain compact and lightweight. Sounds cool, right? What engineers are trying to solve is the issue with a voluminous cooling system that usually accompanies the electric engine. ELEXTRA’s idea is to completely remove the need of such a system and find a way to make the engine cool itself. I

lexus teases the new 2019 ux machine. it looks as good as it sounds! [video]

Lexus teases the new 2019 UX machine. It looks as good as it sounds! [VIDEO]

Lexus has finally revealed more details about the anticipated UX urban compact crossover. Prior to vehicle’s world debut at the Geneva Motor Show, fans and critics have the chance to witness what this machine is all about and review its features and capabilities. The revealed visuals and video showcase a rather bold and muscular design. Of course, as a SUV the UX demonstrates voluminous body shape and clean, straightforward lines and curves. W

alpine to present two beauties at the geneva show. check 'em out!

Alpine to present two beauties at the Geneva Show. Check 'em out!

Alpine fans, rejoice! Two new versions of the advanced sportscars will make a global debut at the Geneva Motor Show. These are two different types of the Alpine A110: Pure and Légende. Both of them would showcase advanced drivetrain technologies, new gadgets and of course, this unmistakable Alpine presence that is second to none. What we know so far is that both machines share the same full aluminum structure and one and the same agile 252

aston martin at the geneva show: there's what to be excited for.

Aston Martin at the Geneva Show: there's what to be excited for.

Aston Martin attends at the 88th Geneva International Motor Snow with confidence and tons of pleasurable surprises for both fans and buyers. As we have learned, the team will make the biggest-ever opening event and would try to impress everyone, including sceptics. The press-conference will be held in stand #2229, located in Hall 2 of the Palexpo Exhibition centre and what audience would see is a new Vantage making its global debut, along

three differences between past and modern-day engines

Three Differences Between Past and Modern-Day Engines

We spoke with the Service Manager at Thompson Hyundai in Baltimore, MD, and we were provided with a few ways engines have evolved through the years: Increased efficiency In today’s automotive worldwide have a lot of technologies that make engines efficient. For example, fuel injectionmixes the fuel and the ai

toyota teases picture of the new corolla machine. details here.

Toyota teases picture of the new Corolla machine. Details here.

Toyota about to unveil the latest generation Corolla. As we all know, this is one of the best-selling models and definitely one of brand’s most popular. The global debut will be accompanied by an exhaustive review and showcase of vehicle’s features and capabilities. In fact, at the Geneva Show Toyota team would also present a new racing concept machine that would mark brand’s return to the world of motorsport. Driven by “mobility for all” mott

toyota reveals aygo: the agile city vehicle that caught our eye!

Toyota reveals Aygo: the agile city vehicle that caught our eye!

The new Aygo was just announced and all Toyota fans and enthusiasts await the unveiling on the 6th of March. The popular city car stands out from the crowd thanks to its beautiful design and numerous advanced technological features. Of course, buyers are also attracted to the machine because of the extended list of customizable options. Not many vehicles offer such a wide range of stuff for the money.So, let’s check out this bad boy in details, s

mazda is named best car brand for the third time. check out why!

Mazda is named Best Car Brand for the third time. Check out why!

Yes, it has happened for a third time. Mazda has been awarded the prestigious Best Car Brand award by US News & World Report. Praised for aesthetics, advanced drivetrain system solutions and numerous hi-end features, Mazda team confidently greets the new 2018 season year. In order to determine the winner, US News Best Cars jury has given scores to all competitors, based on certain requirements. And what has caught the eye, was Mazda’s eleg