Radford Type 62-2 Pikes Peak Edition - Front

Next month, Radford's Pikes Peak Edition Type 62-2, a unique car, will debut at The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, presented by Gran Turismo, during its 101st running on Sunday, June 25th, 2023. The car will be driven by accomplished Rally and Race Car Driver, Tanner Foust, who won his class at the 2021 event. The Pikes Peak Type 62-2 is a truly global project, with Radford working with key partners and suppliers across several countries. The car's design was completed in France, and its drivetrain was developed and built in Austria. Meanwhile, the all-new carbon monocoque was created using 3D printing in the UK, with final assembly and project management taking place at Radford's new HQ in California.

The Design

Alan Derosier of Legend Automobiles designed the Pikes Peak Edition Type 62-2 based on a roadcar, ensuring it was fit for the specific demands of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. The car needed a large rear wing and an advanced cooling system to account for the increased power output and decreased air density at high altitude. CAD designer Sam Ofsowitz brought the design to life, with Stratasys providing the prototype body work and tooling. Over 70 additional parts were 3D printed remotely at Stratasys HQ, with composite materials supplied by Aria. The car features the iconic JPS livery and a driver-focused central seating position with an FIA-approved, lightweight racing seat designed by Tillett. It has been built to handle the brutal conditions of the mountain race.

Radford Type 62-2 Pikes Peak Edition - Front Angle

The Performance

With a weight of only 861 kgs, this race-ready version mostly uses the same bodywork as the standard Type 62-2, but with a 230mm wider body and a full composite monocoque instead of the original aluminum-based chassis. The front and rear subframes and suspension geometry have been upgraded, while the newly designed underbody and gooseneck rear airfoil complete the modifications to the car's body. Extensive aerodynamic computer simulations have been conducted to optimize the bodywork for maximum downforce, aerodynamic efficiency, and balance.

The drivetrain of the Pikes Peak Edition has been designed to handle the extreme conditions of the race. JUBU Performance has incorporated higher performance components and sequential shifting into the drivetrain, which produces 710 horsepower from the supercharged 3.5L V6 DOHC engine. The paddle shift sequential gearbox allows for quick and precise gear changes, helping the car achieve a top speed of 160mph and an impressive 0-60mph sprint in under 2.2 seconds.

Radford Type 62-2 Pikes Peak Edition - Side

To ensure that the engine is running at its best in the high altitude environment of Pikes Peak, Radford has worked closely with Mobil1 to develop a custom oil mix that is tailored specifically for the Pikes Peak Edition. Additionally, Optima Batteries has provided their lightest battery, the Optima Orangetop lithium batteries, which maximizes power, performance, and reliability while maintaining a compact and lightweight design.

It's great to see that Scarbo Performance has led the project, bringing their expertise in racing program development and engineering. Their involvement adds another layer of credibility to the Pikes Peak Edition and assures that the car has been thoroughly engineered to perform at its best in the race. It's also impressive that the team has collaborated with a range of experts in their respective fields, including Legend Automobiles, Crown Concepts, Stratasys, Aria, JUBU Performance, Mobil1, Optima Batteries, AP Racing, Yokohama, and Dymag, to bring the car to life.

Radford Type 62-2 Pikes Peak Edition - Top

Ant Anstead: "We are incredibly excited to take part in this iconic event. Pikes Peak is the quintessential American hill climb so it made perfect sense for Radford to create a bespoke one-off model for the occasion. We have been in development with this car since January alongside the team at Scarbo Performance and we are all looking forward to seeing the car in action. And to have JPS colours appear again in international motorsport is like a boyhood dream come true"

Tanner Foust: "I am honoured to have the chance to pilot this machine up the Pikes Peak course! It has been great working with the whole team at Radford and I am looking forward to getting behind the wheel of the Radford Type 62-2 Pikes Peak Edition."

It's great to hear that the Radford Type 62-2 Pikes Peak Edition will undergo initial testing at the Radford Racing School in Phoenix, Arizona, which is the official test track of Radford. This will provide a good opportunity to fine-tune the car's performance and ensure it is ready for the upcoming event. Additionally, the car will undergo traditional testing sessions held prior to the event to ensure it is fully prepared for the challenging conditions of Pikes Peak.

Radford Type 62-2 Pikes Peak Edition - Rear Angle Radford Type 62-2 Pikes Peak Edition - Rear