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Welcome to the daily automotive news source - Automobiles Review. Offering a daily updated database of car pictures and news, here you will find everything: from luxury cars to modified vehicles.

Ferrari News

SR Auto Teases Future Project on Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 Italia

SR Auto Group has teased the public with a picture showing what’s new in their garage. And it is a Liberty Walk Ferrari 458. They have announced that this car will stay a little

Post by Lidia Todorova on 01 December 2014

Clocking up the Miles: Kimi and the F12 Berlinetta [VIDEO]

The most powerful Ferrari on the range product was pushed to the limits in a special F12berlinetta track day at Fiorano. Eleven journalists deriving from some of the world’

Post by Katya Mikova on 17 November 2014

New Forgiato Wheels: The Unbreakable

Two questions are circling around my head right now: Is there anything stronger than the wraith of a woman? And is there anything that can resist it? I would have said no if I had not watched the latest advertisement of Forgiato Wheels for their new ‘Unbreakable’ series wheels, staring a Cheating Boyfriend, The Other Woman, The Not-so-one-

Post by Katya Mikova on 10 November 2014

Ferrari F80 Concept Car: Winner or Sinner?

Take a look at this beast but try not to let your jaw drop just yet. It is edgy. It is jazzed. And it looks freaking good! The acute style embodied in this red carnivore glides on and pinches the human senses. The only drawback, though, is that, well… the car is not real. What you see is Ferrari F80 which is the brainchild of the Italian des

Post by Katya Mikova on 04 November 2014

Ferrari Shows the Exclusive F60America

This year marks the 6oth anniversary since a Ferrari model has stepped on North American ground. To celebrate this, Maranello has returned to its 1950s and 60s tradition of producing strictly limited edition cars. As a result the company is currently presenting the Ferrari F60America, which will be produced in only 10 examples. Furthermore, the car

Post by Lidia Todorova on 10 October 2014

Ferrari 458 Speciale A Breaks Cover in Paris

Ferrari 458 Speciale A Spider is a very special limited edition series which was revealed at the Paris Motor Show. The letter A in the name of the car stands for “Aperta”, whic

Post by Lidia Todorova on 06 October 2014

Ferrari debuts 458 Speciale A spider

Ferrari has announced the upcoming debut of the 458 Speciale A spider at the upcoming Paris Motor Show (4-19 October 2014). The new car will be a celebration of the dazzling success of the various versions of the 458, a model that has collected an array of international motoring media awards and track victories, including category wins in class

Post by asyovchev on 26 September 2014

Bonhams to show ultra-rare Ferrari 250 GTO

The UK auction house Bonhams will preview an example of perhaps the most famous and sought-after classic race car ever – the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO. The event will take place at the Monterey Pre-Reunion on August 9 and August 10. The classic race car, of which only 39 were constructed, will be shown in the Bonhams hospitality area at Mazda Race

Post by asyovchev on 04 August 2014